“I have gained a lot of appreciation, money, and fame from my travel blogs,” quotes Thomas Salzano, a traveler by passion and a travel blogger by choice. He urges young travelers to start their own travel blogs for a number of benefits. According to him, the top perk of starting a travel blog is to generate extra income and explore more places.

So, to help the ambitious new travelers, Thomas Salzano shares a list of things to consider before starting a travel blog. Here’s what he has to say:

  • Do the research to find a good free platform to publish your blogs.
  • To avoid your content to be stolen or copied, choose a reliable web host.
  • You have to dedicatedly work for an hour daily to write a blog.
  • Make sure you choose your traveling niche you want to write about. “However, you can experiment with other segments of traveling to surprise your readers,” suggests Thomas John Salzano.
  • Prepare a schedule to stay organized- when to write, what to write and when to publish.
  • Learn basic web writing skills before starting a travel blog and keep learning.
  • Once or twice a month, you can share a story about your travel experience to engage more readers
  • Use the photographs you have clicked while traveling to make the blog more attractive.

Thomas Salzano wishes good luck to the aspiring explorers and hopes that these tips will be helpful for them to start a travel blog.

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