“With the new technology, the style to capture a picture has also evolved,” says Thomas Salzano when he came across the new features of the iPhone XR. He is a technology freak and likes to know about the new technology especially when its related to Photography.

Thomas Salzano feels that for a photographer it is difficult to carry a  camera every time, so one needs to have a good phone with excellent picture quality to substitute the need of the camera for a short time.

Recently he has come across a new iPhone XR which shows attractive features of the camera and Thomas Salzano decided that this is a must share topic for the photographers. Here’s what he has to share:

  1. A picture with a blurred background is the new trend and this phone allows you to control the depth of the file to make the background as blur you want it to be.
  2. The new HRD feature is an add on to the quality of photos.
  3. Photos in low light are difficult to capture but the phone feature makes it possible to do so.
  4. Sharp action shorts can be easily clicked with this phone with more highlights and shadow details.

Thomas Salzano has these little tips for all the photographers who are planning to click pictures with the phone, especially with the new iPhone XR. He does not suggest to buy a new phone but just felt like sharing the information about the latest camera technology in phones.

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