“Environment is being polluted and natural habitat is being destroyed,” says Thomas Salzano, a renowned photographer, and an influencer.  He further adds that a snapshooter can contribute his/her part to save mother nature by taking pictures as a conservational photographer.

Thomas N salzano
To encourage emerging artists, Thomas N Salzano has shared a number of tips to help them use the power of photojournalism in the environment conversation activities.
Here’s what he has to say:

1. Shoot A Local Rarity

Research about an endangered location or animal in your area.
Find the creative ways to work on your subject matter.
Take pictures- it can be beauty shots, evocative shots or even the threats. Edit your project with best captions or quotes from environmentalists.
Connect with one of the conservation organizations to promote your work.

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2. Series Of Floral Portraits

Research about the distinct flower species in your area.
Capture images with impressive factoids.
Beautify your shots using Photoshop tools.
Contact any museum or botanist to promote your work.

For more information visit: http://thomas-salzano.blogspot.com/