Thomas N Salzano – My Cycle, My Childhood Companion

“We all have something from our childhood which is very close to our heart,” says Thomas N Salzano a cycle lover and a traveler. Thomas loves to ride his cycle and is dedicated to his passion for cycling.

His journey as a cyclist took a pause when Thomas met with an accident and the injuries were severe. His doctor and friends suggested him to avoiding cycling and concentrate on his other career opportunities to get over his madness of riding around on his cycle.

Thomas Salzano is not just a cyclist and a photographer but a traveler and blogger too. He had great career options with him but his heart never allowed him to leave his cycle behind and move forward in his life with it.

His wife and his daughter stopped him from selling off his cycle and reminded him about him being their inspiration and strength sticking a note on his cycle. Thomas had tears in his eyes and made a promise to his family that he would never let go of his childhood companion and will recover soon.

Thomas Salzano says,” the note was not the motivation for me, but the note on my cycle was the reason behind the motivation.”


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Thomas Salzano: Life is full of opportunities

“Never miss an opportunity even if it’s a small one,” says Thomas Salzano a great musician and a famous blogger. He feels that life gives opportunities to all, but only a few can make the best out of it.

It’s always about trying and putting efforts in things that fanaticize you in life to excel in the field and experiment with your abilities. Thomas Salzano says, “I have explored all the opportunities in my life to learn and grow and they automatically become my area of interest.”

This positive attitude of his made him a professional photographer and also developed his love for music and writing. This kind of positive attitude will always let you see the brighter side of the situation you are in and give you the strength to complete what you have planned to excel in.


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Thomas Salzano – Images to Use For Your Blog Posts

A blog is incomplete without images, is what Thomas Salzano feels about the use of images in a blog. Thomas Salzano is a famous blogger and has come across a query asking about what type of images to use in a blog and are images important for a blog?

Here is the answer to this image related question:

Firstly, Yes an image or a video or a GIF should be a part of your blog. The reason for such a requirement is because the images and videos are more attractive and especially for the first time visitors.

The other part of the question is why images. The answer to this is:

  • Stock Photos: these are the professional photographs of some common landmark, places or people. The important point here is the stock picture you select for your blog should be relevant and engaging with respect to your blog post.
  • Screenshot: when talking about trends or numbers mention them with a proper screenshot from a relevant source.
  • Hand Drawn pictures: the hand-drawn graphical pictures are most shared pictures on the internet. Sites like oatmeal illustrate the best example of such pictures.

Thomas N Salzano

  • Infographics: infographics are again the most attractive and likes images on the internet. Try and create some infographics. They are the graphical visual representation of your work.
  • Animated Graphics and GIFs: the animation has taken over the internet. So make sure your blog has some of the animated graphics and GIFs.

These are the top 5 kinds of images that are suggested by Thomas Salzano to be used for your blog post to make them more interactive and attractive.



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Thomas Salzano – Taking Care of Food Allergies While Traveling

“A fit body is always ready for all kinds of Challenges,” says Thomas Salzano the famous blogger and an experienced traveler. Thomas Salzano feels its important to be conscious about the diet you follow, especially when you are allergic to some food. Thomas Salzano felt the need to share some tips for dietary restrictions for travelers.

Here are some tips by Thomas Salzano:

  • Trip Planning: plan and restrict your destination with food availability in the area. This is especially for the vegetarians.
  • Food Allergy Translation Card: nowadays companies like allergy transaction and dietary cards are providing a pocket card which has detailed information about allergies you have in almost all languages plus you can customize it anytime.
  • Medical Insurance: it’s important to have insurance which covers your allergies and other medical issues even in foreign countries.
  • Peanuts and Planes: most people are allergic to peanuts so for them they need to be more careful when traveling by air. No airline can guarantee a peanut-free plane so be careful before eating anything in flight.
  • Cooking: go for accommodation which allows you to cook your own food or carry emergency food with you while traveling in a car, train or boat.

Thomas N Salzano feels that taking care of the above mentioned tips will reduce the chance of any allergy related issues while traveling.


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Thomas Salzano – How to avoid Mountain Sickness

“A traveler’s only pain point is when he is unwell and can not enjoy his planned trip,” is what Thomas Salzano, feels especially about the issues related to mountain sickness.

Thomas N Salzano

He is a frequent traveler to mountains and has some simple tips for us to avoid mountain sickness:

  1. If you feel like vomiting open the window and let the fresh air in.
  2. Don’t sit next to someone who is prone to mountain sickness.
  3. Avoid reading books or sitting opposite to your traveling direction.

Thomas Salzano says, following these simple tricks will definitely reduce the chance of mountain sickness.


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Thomas Salzano – 48 Hours in London

“London is a city that everyone has on their travel bucket list,” which is what Thomas Salzano feels about the beautiful city of London. Recently he was on a solo trip to London for just 2 days and visited all his favorite locations. He then thought of sharing his memorable moments from the small trip with all of us and let us know about the city.

Thomas Salzano went to the following locations in London which he adored to every bit:

  • Museums: London is famous for its beautiful museums, most of which welcome their visitors for free. Some of the best museums include the Museum of Natural History, British Museum, and his most favorite Horniman museum.
  • Boating at River Thames: The best part of London is the river Thames. So don’t miss on boating.
  • Shard and the London Eye: The London Eye and the shard provide the perfect view of London from the top. Don’t worry about the budget. You can enjoy the same view from the Sky Garden also where the entry is free.

Thomas N Salzano

  • The Famous Harry Potter Sight: If you have time and you are a Harry Potter fan then you must visit the famous Harry Potter spot.
  • The English Pub: You will find pubs everywhere, but the feel of an English pub is irreplaceable. So do grab a drink at the pub.
  • The Famous Tourist spots visit: The London Bridge, Big Ben, the House of Parliament, and shopping at Oxford Street is a must.

Thomas Salzano suggests you must visit all the places when you visit London. Through this article, he mainly wanted to guide people about the London city for just 2-3 days as they include other cities too in their travel tour.



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Thomas Salzano: How To Start Your Own Photography Blogging

“I have been writing about photography since the initial days of my career,” says Thomas Salzano, a photography blogger, and famous shutterbug. The young artist has gained respect, fame, and appreciation not only for his amazing snap shooting skills but also for his blogs.

In addition, Thomas John Salzano believes that blogging about his picture-taking skills and experiences is a very essential part of a photographer’s life. So, he motivates aspiring artists to start their own photography blogs.

Here’s what he has shared about starting a photography blog:-

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  • Learn about writing for the web as it is different from writing offline.
  • Always try to include your work (photographs) in your blogs.
  • Use meaningful and engaging titles to attract readers.
  • Write about your motivations, your skills and reveal your capabilities.
  • You can write about your experience while shooting like a story-teller
  • Do not copy the content from other photographer’s blogs.
  • Keep visiting blogs of famous photography bloggers to learn different writing styles.
  • Keep posting unique, fresh and regular content.

These are some tips by Thomas N. Salzano that will help artists while starting their own photography blogs. The renowned shutterbug says “With blogging, I have improved both as a photographer and writer. You should start blogging today and see what enhancements it brings to your life.”

Visit to know more about him.



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