Thomas Salzano shared a list of world’s top 10 travel influencers

Thomas Salzano has become a renowned name in the travel blogging field and follow by people around the world. He publish content on this blog regularly and cover topics related to travel vacations, locations, exotic places, poetry tips, travel tips, etc.

In this post, Thomas Salzano a popular travel blogger is going to share the list of top 10 travel influencers. Here is the list:

  • Kate McCulley of United States
  • Chris Burkard of United States
  • Johnny Jet of United States
  • Louis Cole of UK
  • The Planet D of Canada
  • Damon and Jo of United States and Brazil
  • Eric Stoen of US
  • Murad and Nataly Osmann of Russia
  • Kiersten Rich of United States
  • Brian Kelly of United States

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Thomas J Salzano – A Brief History About the Bronze Age Culture

Thomas J Salzano is a history scholar and is popularly known for his informative blogs and motivational skills. Thomas J Salzano feels its important to share information related to history with the young generation in a simple and fun language to attract them closer to their roots which are hidden in “History.”

thomas j salzano-shop-3395086_960_720

Let’s talk about the Bronze Age in this section of the article:

  • The Bronze age culture is started when humans started working with metals. The stone weapons and tools were replaced by metal weapons and tools.
  • The first part of the Bronze Age was called “Chalcolithic.” This period refers to the use of pure copper and stone tools.
  • Sumerians in the middle east are said to be the ones who started using bronze first. They are also known for the “cuneiform script” which is one of the earliest forms of writing.
  • Bronze age took China to another level of innovation as they made chariots, weapons, and vessels from bronze.

thomas j salzano-statues-667591_960_720

  • Whereas the culture flourished in Greece as the Minoan civilization emerged during the bronze age period.
  • The end of the bronze age was around 1200 B.B.
  • The end of the bronze age ager birth to “iron age.”

These are some major points of Bronze age which Thomas thought of sharing with all of us. The Bronze Age was a period of innovation from stones to metal. There is a lot more that happened during this period but I hope the points above gave you clarity about how metal was used and the metal tools were invented.


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Thomas Salzano – Your First Guitar Lesson

If you love guitar and are eager to learn how to play it then you need a guitar lesson. Guitar lessons are important not because they teach you how to play the guitar but they build the excitement in you by teaching you the right tricks so that you don’t feel less motivated.


Thomas Salzano believes that only the tough ones can survive the battle of becoming a guitarist as the initial lessons are not that easy plus you need the patience to reach that level of perfection.

Here are some tips by Thomas Salzano for the beginner first guitar lesson:

The guitar fundamentals

Before you start to play the guitar you first need to learn about the basic fundamentals like how to hold the guitar.

There are different ways in which you can hold a guitar but let’s talk about the common way “The Causal Method” in which you hold you’re close to your body and sit up straight. 

Frets, Figures and, strings

Frets: Frets are the metal strips on the neck of a stringed instrument. A standard classical guitar has 19 frets and electric guitars have 21-24 frets. A guitar can have as many as 27 frets.

Fingers:  Remember the sequence of your fingers and you will never hold the guitar wrong. The index finger is your first finger, the middle finger is your second finger, your ring finger is your third finger and your pinky is your fourth finger.

Strings: The strings are the most important element of a guitar as they produce the sound in string instruments. The thinnest string is the first string and the thickest string is the sixth string.

 Tune Your Guitar

As a beginner, it’s difficult to know whether your guitar is tuned or not. A guitar needs to be tuned every time you pick it up to play. Tuning your guitar weekly won’t help. So for this, you can buy a guitar tuner to help you with tuning your guitar easily and quickly. A guitar expert can tune a guitar manually but for you to reach that level you need the help of a tuner as a helping hand.

Learn your first chords ( E minor and D2 chord)

Your first lesson of guitar should be about chords and songs. Chords are the basic music that one should learn to play.

Let’s play the E Minor

Chord Put your 2nd finger (middle finger) on the 2nd fret of the 5th string.

Now put your 3rd ginger (ring finger) on the 2nd fret of the 4th string.

Once you have achieved to hold the chord and the strings in place strum each individual string to make sure the chord is clear.

D2 Chord

Place your 1st finger (index finger) on the 2nd fret of the 3rd string.

Put your 3rd finger ( ring finger) on the 3rd fret of the 2nd string.

Strum each string slowly to make sure the chord is clear.

Changing Chords

Keep your fingers as close to the strings as possible when you’re changing chords. The less you move your fingers, the faster you will be able to make the switch. Keep practicing each chord change as it will take time to master it.

Your First Song

Choose a song that you can play with the 2 chords you have learned. First practice with two chords and when you master them go for songs that need 3 chords to switch between.

A chord progression is a specific order of chords that your string together to play a song. Follow the sequence and master perfection.

These are a few tips by Thomas Salzano on how to start playing the guitar. The basic learning is very important as it sets the base of anything you start to learn. So never try to miss the basic ground rule of anything you start learning about, says Thomas Salzano a professional guitarist.



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Thomas Salzano – Your Career Choice

Thomas Salzano is a renowned blogger and is also famous for his portfolio career choices. He is a traveler, photographer, and blogger. Thomas Salzano says it is good to manage your skills and challenge your abilities. In this digital world, there are hundreds of opportunities that you can grab but all you need is faith in yourself and the courage to manage the situations.

Thomas N Salzano

Here are a few tips by Thomas Salzano which will make it easy for you to manage your skills and keep you on the right track:

  • List down your area of interest and note down the career option in that field.
  • Be sure you want a regular job or you can manage with different part-time jobs.
  • It’s important to keep track of your financial needs and expected income from the career choice you make.
  • Don’t jump to conclusions without consulting a person who is already into a portfolio type style of career.
  • After you have made the decision, allocated the minimum time for all the choices you have made. Keep in mind that you can opt for a sessional based or part-time based career options.
  • Now it’s time to look for jobs that fit in your schedule and ability.

These tips will help you analyze your ability and the best part is with this type of portfolio career you will come to know about your strengths and choices.

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Thomas J Salzano – Skiing Tips that Every Beginner Should Follow

Thomas J Salzano took skiing training from his trainer back in New York. Thomas J Salzano has participated in many skiing competitions and has come across many newcomers who can not invest much time in this sport but are interested to learn.

Thomas salzano - Skier-257961-768x576

Here are a few tips by Thomas of the beginners:

  • Select a resort for training that prefers beginners
  • Get a lesson from a professional is important
  • An appropriate dress is compulsory
  • Stay evenly balanced over your skis and don’t look down at your tips

These are a few tips that a beginner should consider before starting his/her training. You can not avoid training as a beginner. This is a sport with a high risk of injuries, so be careful and learn the right technique from the right person is what Thomas J Salzano suggests.


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Thomas Salzano – Find your inspiration to write

“To be inspired by someone or something is natural but the search for the right source of inspiration is what matters says,”Thomas Salzano a poet and a motivational speaker.

Here are a few ways in which you can reach the right inspiration:

  • Develop a reading habit and read more about your topic of interest.
  • Join a writing group and learn from what others share with you.
  • Try writing journals so that whatever strikes your mind, you can pen it down and read later.

thomas salzano_startup-593341_960_720

These are some ways that you yourself can get your inspiration from. Your little efforts can take you close to your inspiration to write is what Thomas Salzano feels about being inspired to write.



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Thomas Salzano shared 14 affordable countries for international students

Thomas Salzano is a guy who searches new topics on a daily basis and shares with his readers. As he has a passion for writing and always curious to help via blog posts.

Recently, Thomas Salzano read the news that students are looking to know the affordable countries. Thomas Salzano has listed the best and affordable countries for international students.

    • Thailand
    • Norway
    • Russia
    • Vietnam
    • Malaysia
    • Lithuania
    • Mexico
    • Argentina
    • Taiwan
    • South Africa
    • India
    • Germany
    • Hungary
    • Poland

Thailand: Thailand is the ton of backpackers that flock the country to enjoy its great attractions. Sure, Thailand is a popular tourist destination but is it also a good choice for international students?

Average yearly tuition fees: $3.000-$4.000

Norway: Norway a great study abroad destination. Norway is also one of the best countries in the world when it comes to the quality of education.

Average living costs: $1.000-$1.200 per month

Russia: Russia one of the most affordable countries for international students. However, if you choose to study abroad in Russia note that the living costs in Moscow and St. Petersburg are significantly higher than the rest of Russia.

Average yearly tuition fees: $5.000-$6.000

Vietnam: Vietnam isn’t famous as a study abroad destination but more students choose it because of the affordable living costs, the up and coming universities, and the beautiful countryside.

Average yearly tuition fees: $1.000-$2.000

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Malaysia: Malaysia is easily one of the most affordable countries for international students. Its capital, Kuala Lumpur, is a vibrant, bustling city and also one of the best places for international students.

Average yearly tuition fees: $2.500- $3.500

Lithuania: More than 3.000 international students choose Lithuania every year and the number keeps growing. Universities in Lithuania are famous for focusing not only on improving their students’ theoretical knowledge but also improving their practical skills.

Average yearly tuition fees: $1.500-$2.500

Mexico: The capital city, Mexico City ranks in the top 100 cities for students every year but that’s not the only place where you can study. If you speak Spanish, you can study anywhere you want to but the number of programs taught in English is also increasing year by year.

Average yearly tuition fees: $4.000-$5.000

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Germany: Germany has a lot of great universities where you can greatly expand your knowledge and expertise and there are a lot of additional benefits for students, that make living in Germany for students relatively affordable.

Average yearly tuition fees: free (in most public universities)

Hungary: Hungary has five global-ranked universities, which is quite impressive, having its size and population in mind. Additionally, the costs of living in Hungary are some of the lowest in Europe.

Average yearly tuition fees: $4.000-$5.000

Argentina: Argentina is the second-biggest and one of the most beautiful countries in South America. It’s also the only country on the continent that has free high education for local and international students alike in most public universities.

Average yearly tuition fees: free in most public universities

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Taiwan: Taiwan is one of the most popular choices for international students out of all Asian countries. Even though it might not be as affordable as some of the other countries on this list, Taiwan still provides great value for money when we take all relevant factors into consideration.

Average yearly tuition fees: $2.000-$3.000

South Africa: South Africa is famous for its diversity of cultures and interesting lifestyle, making it a great choice for open-minded students looking for a place to study abroad.

Average yearly tuition fees: $2.000-$3.000

India: India has arguably the cheapest living costs from all the countries on this list and a few good, world-wide famous universities, such as Delhi University and IIT.

Average yearly tuition fees: $2.000-$4.000

Poland: Poland has some great up and coming universities. To enroll in most of them, you need to speak Polish and pass a Matura exam but there are some good programs in English too.

Average yearly tuition fees: $2.000-$3.000


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