Thomas N Salzano – How to Wash Your Bike

Keeping your bike clean after every ride helps in maintaining the bike, says Thomas N Salzano, a famous biker. No one likes to ride a bike that is dirty and also as a fact taking your bike for a wash is not a feasible choice.

So in that case, you should initiate to clean your bike as cleaning a bike is not a difficult choice to make. All you need to do is follow some simple steps so that you clean the bike properly, especially the bike chain.


Bikers like Thomas N Salzano keep sharing tips related to bike care and safety and really helps the aspiring bikers to get the right knowledge about the bikes.


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Thomas N Salzano: Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know

Traveling can be expensive but travel hacks can make it easy for you to manage some of your expenses and save your time, says Thomas Salzano, a renowned traveler.

These days where searching for information is made easy, there are many bloggers like Thomas N Salzano who keep sharing useful information with the world.

From travel tips to travel hacks everything is just a click away, so make the best use of the information available and save both your time and money.


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Thomas Salzano: My favorite Foods Around the World

We know Thoams Salzano is a popular travel blogger and loves to explore new things during his travel. In this post, he wants to share his favorite food which he likes most. As we know healthy food is the basic need for the human body and if you are on travel it becomes more important to eat healthy food.

Thomas N Salzano says you can discover new treats everywhere in the world and every country has its unique taste.

Here is a list of my favorite foods

Mango + Sticky Rice

Thomas Salzano

Dragon Fruit

Thomas Salzano


Thomas Salzano


Thomas Salzano




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Thomas Salzano: Frequently Asked Travel Questions

The first time when I planned my solo trip, all that I had in my mind was a bunch of questions that made me worry more, says Thomas Salzano a famous traveler.

But now the time has changed and the internet is full of information that is shared by the experts based on their experience and knowledge.

The best way is to post a question for the experts or search it on the website of travelers like Thomas N Salzano who are active and open to answering your questions.


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Thomas N Salzano: Top 5 Most visited Tourist Attractions in the world

As we know this world is full of many beautiful destinations. If you’re wondering where you should go, then is post is going to be very helpful for you. Many travelers love to visit adventurous places. In this post Thomas Salzano wants to share 5 Most visited Tourist Attractions in the world.

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Thomas Salzano
Christ the Redeemer, Brazil

Thomas Salzano

Niagara Falls, USA/Canada

Thomas Salzano

Taj Mahal, Agra

Thomas Salzano

Vatican Museums, Rome, Italy

Thomas Salzano

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Thomas N Salzano – Traveling on a Budget Tips

Is budget a concern for you while you plan a trip? If yes then here are some tips shared by Thomas N Salzano that will definitely help you plan a trip that fits in your budget.

Thomas Salzano

  • So the basic takeaway for all travelers is to plan a budget for your trip and try to stick to it. While planning does keep some extra amount aside for emergency cases, other if you have done your research well on the place you are visiting, you will have the exact estimate of the budget.
  • Other than this if you are a regular traveler, then the best tip for you is to avoid flying first-class, select a less-traveled location, and rent an apartment instead of a costly hotel.

These are the two simple tips that are easy for each traveler to follow and manage their trips by saving money on travel activities that have the best alternatives, says Thomas Salzano a famous traveler.


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Thomas Salzano: Follow these tips If you are travelling By Air In Corona Virus Out Break

There are many people who are still travelling by air during this global health crisis. In this post Thomas Salzano wants to share important tips for safe air. He say’s if you want to stay healthy during your air travel then you must have to follow these tips.

Thomas Salzano

Here are the tips

Aware of Corona Virus Status:
It is very important from health point of view, know the status of the corona virus outbreak of your final destination. Every country updated guideline on its website so read the advisories carefully before travelling.

Avoid Masks, If you are not sick
Nowadays we often see plenty of people in the airports wearing face masks. According to the CDC guidelines healthy people do not need to wear a face mask, but if you have symptoms of Covid-19 then you must have worn a face mask to prevent the spread of the disease to others.

Avoid Touching Your Mouth, Nose and Eyes
According to the experts corona virus survive on surfaces so avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes after touching the surfaces.

Clean Your space on an airplane

There are many other viruses and bacteria which can survive on objects for a long time corona virus is also one of it can also survive on the surface so wipe your personal space on an airplane.

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