Thomas Salzano: World’s Best Destinations for Summer Vacations

As a travel guy, Thomas Salzano has visited on many tourist places. So he has a great knowledge of tourist places. 

A large number of Multiple people follow Salzano through his website On that site, Salzano shares his travel experience and tips that help people to make his trip more memorable.

Thomas has written multiple articles on travel, fitness, blogging & startup business ideas. As a professional life, he is a startup consultant & full-time travel blogger.

He started his blogging journey after left his marketing manager’s position. Salzano loves to explore new things that is why he started travel blogging. Adventure places are their all-time favorite destinations. 

In this article, Salzano is sharing the name of the world’s 7 most popular destinations for your summer vacation.

According to Salzano, these places are the first choice for many people. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Barcelona, Spain

Kerala, India

Zermatt, Switzerland

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Koh Samui, Thailand

I hope you will like these destinations. If you want to add your favorite place then you can share it through the comment section.

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Thomas Salzano – List of Some Top Poets and Their Inspiring Poems

Poetry for me is my way of expressing my feelings and directly or indirectly communicating what I feel says Thomas Salzano a creative writer and an inspiring poet. He says you will only develop an interest in poetry if you start reading them and try to interpret them in your own words.

Thomas salzano writing tips

As a poet, Thomas feels that sometimes the readers choose the wrong poetry and lose interest. This happens because either they go for poetry that is difficult to read and interpret as it is technical or poetry that does not suit their area of interest.

Here is a list of a few poets and their poetry that Thomas feels every reader should read once every if they don’t like poems that much:

  • Robert Frost is an American poet and one of the best poems of his is “ The Road Not Taken.” It is a narrative poem with four stanzas and five lines each.

The poet talks about the choice in life with the help of 2 different roads each depicting your life situations and the final choice you make.

  • William Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers and is regarded as the greatest writer in the English language.

The most talked-about work of his is “ Sonnet 18.”  It’s a fourteen-line poem written in iambic pentameter.

  • John Milton is one of the most famous English poets. The top poetry of his is “On His Blindness.” It’s a Petrarchan sonnet, a lyric poem with fourteen lines.

These are the top three poets and their poetry that inspired many poets like Thomas Salzano to write poetry and develop a persistent love for poetry.



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Thomas Salzano: Writing Tips for Beginners

Thomas Salzano is a ghostwriter and he is in this field for the past 15 years so he knows most of the beginners always find ways that help to improve their writing skills. So in this article, Thomas is going to share a few writing tips that will help a beginner level writer.

Thomas Salzano shared his own experience when he entered this industry. He said he didn’t know where to start and how he will find the client. That time Salzano spent most of the time to read other writers’ books and articles.

According to Thomas Salzano, the best & easy way to become an expert writer is writing more & more!

Forget everything else. Just start writing daily & after a few days, you can see the difference between your 1st article and the latest article.

Also read: Thomas Salzano – How to Write Poem

Thomas said most of the people focus to improve vocabulary and spend a lot of time on them. Because when you start writing daily than you read others articles too so day by day you can learn new words from them. This will automatically improve your vocabulary. Whenever you found new words add them to your diary & any online file.

Don’t waste your time to follow the quality guidelines in your initial days, just focus to write.

Here are a few points that you need to consider to improve your writing skills:

  • Write daily
  • Make Reading habit
  • Create an outline
  • Research topic
  • Use easy words and phrases
  • Write problem-solving article
  • Write like a story
  • Keep Paragraphs & sentences short

Hop you will like above mentioned points. If you think Thomas Salzano missed any good point than share them by comment section.

Visit to know more detail info about Thomas Salzano.

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Thomas Salzano – a list of recently submitted PDFs

I am Thomas Salzano, a well known blogger who love to do writing on travel tips, exotic places, etc. Thomas is from US and living with his family. In this post, he is putting a list of recently submitted PDFs on various websites.

Here is the list:

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Thomas Salzano – Be Prepared in Advance for Long-Haul Flight

Thomas Salzano is popular traveler and a famous travel blogger who is appreciated for his work and the simple tips he gives related to traveling. As a traveler, he feels the most tiring job is to travel through flights and the journey seems longer when you have to deal with a long-haul flight.

Thomas N Salzano

Thomas Salzano says we cannot ignore the fact that traveling through flights have made our journey easier and our travel experience better. There are a few things that we all should keep in mind before we book a flight ticket:

  • Reserve a Good seat especially when traveling with kids. Choose the front seat of the plane if you are traveling with kids and others can prefer 6A or any other seat as per their preference.
  • Prefer the most comfortable clothes and shoes that are comfortable to sleep, stretch and are relaxing.
  • Avoiding sitting all the time, move around a bit so that the blood circulation in the body is not affected.

Thomas Salzano

  • Rest is important so do take a nap in the flight and avoid using your phones and laptops.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and carry your own snacks because you can not totally rely on flight food.

These are some tips that you all should consider and plan before you book your tickets and pack your bags. A little discomfort can spoil your mood and make you feel tired so do take care of your little needs during such long- haul flights is what Thomas suggests to all.

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Thomas Salzano – Simple Rules To Live Positive Life

‘When we go through so many negative things and life is chaos that’s exactly when a positive attitude is required the most’ says Thomas Salzano a life coach and influencer.

Following are rules to live by if you want a positive life:

Peter Salzano
  1. Acknowledge what you have and don’t compare yourself with others.
  2. Look for positivity in every situation.
  3. Let go of the need to control it will only affect your peace.
  4. Thomas recommends to stop over analyzing as it can lead to discomfort.
  5. Worrying about the future is another cause of negativity, therefore start living in the moment.
  6. Always keep an open mind and listen to people with different approaches.

According to Thomas Salzano having a positive attitude will contribute to your overall happiness.

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Thomas N Salzano: Best Places In The World For Sky Boarding

“It is really a daunting task to find good places for sky boarding, especially for beginners,” says Thomas N Salzano, a professional snowboarder, and a conspicuous blogger. The young snowboarder has gained global acclamation for his achievements in competitive games. With the treasure of his knowledge about the sport, he has penned down a list of best places in the world for snowboarding.

Here’s what Thomas Salzano has to share:

Alpe D’Huez, France

Peter Salzano

Rohtang, India

Peter Salzano

Saas Fee, Switzerland

Peter Salzano

Hemsedal, Norway

Peter Salzano

Aspen, USA

Peter Salzano

Risoul , France

Peter Salzano

Krasnaya Polyana, Russia

Peter Salzano

June Mountain, USA

Peter Salzano

Mount Hood Meadows, USA

Peter Salzano

Whistler Blackcomb, Canada

Peter Salzano

Treble Cone, New Zealand

Peter Salzano
Mayrhofen, Austria

Nevado de Chillan, Chile

Peter Salzano

These are some of the world’s real destinations for snowboarders. Thomas Salzano says that snowboarders must visit these amazing places to encounter thrilling snowboarding experience on a typical leisure winter holiday. Also, he requests readers to share their favorite snowboarding resort or destination in the comments section.

For more information visit: 

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