‘Be a Blessing’ While Travelling

Some people travel to another country to get a break from their monotonous and hectic schedule. And then there are people who have found joys of volunteering whenever they go abroad. They travel to other lands and volunteer to gain new perspective over things or to see a different reality. Thomas N Salzano, a New Jersey based hairstylist, traveler, photographer and blogger says that the key to happiness lies in making a difference in other’s life.

Volunteering in a foreign land is gaining popularity and it comes with many benefits. You can learn a new language, try different kind of food and learn a lot about the local culture. Giving your energy and time to volunteer abroad can be a major game changer in your own life too. When you volunteer, you can offer them your help, you also get to learn important life lessons. Like, you can teach them English language which may allow them to thrive in tourist economies. You can volunteer at an orphanage where many children need care and attention. All of these projects can have long lasting benefits. In return, you a get a lifetime of memories


You get to meet new people, make new friends and know about different cultures. There is no shortage of volunteering projects in the world. You can teach English in Africa or can take care of Giant Pandas in China. You can visit Argentina and help the children there with their education. At the same time, you can experience their natural landscapes.

Just open your atlas, decide where you can visit and create a ripple that engulfs everyone with joy of giving help. Thomas Salzano always emphasizes on acting on your curiosity.

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Blonde hair color is very versatile for every season. This trending color is synonymous with radiant beauty for a reason. There is a whole gamut of blonde hair colors that one can simply choose from, either to feel light, get into the mood for springtime or an amazing makeover. According to Thomas Salzano, a New Jersey based hair stylist, “there is a blonde shade varying from old Hollywood golden blonde to cutting edge platinum blonde, to suit every personality kind.” There are many blonde hair color shades to fit every skin tone.


He brings the important shades of Blonde Hair and to carry them with confidence:

Natural Blonde Hair Color

The range of natural blonde hair color shades vary from almost white to almond colored. This type of hair color mimics the natural blonde color. Thomas Salzano advises to try this colored hair with dazzle-glass lip gloss/lipstick and beautiful bright blue mascara.

Light Blonde Hair Color

Light blonde hair color can elevate your natural shade to a whole new look. It is a perfect hair color for the ones who wanted to have a little more fun. Try to wear it with rocking pink make-up!

Buttery Blonde Hair Color

The Buttery blonde hair color has the power to brighten up your face irrespective of your skin tone. Pair it with soft pink or nude lip color shade to rock this look.

Pearl Blonde Hair Color

Pearl Blonde hair color works best on light to medium color skin tones. It is a perfect blend of cool and natural tones. If your eye color is either brown or green, then you can complement your whole look with a rich brown eye-liner beautifully and carefully smudged on the top of your eye lid!

Wear these colors with confidence and you will rock any blonde hair color look! After all, confidence is the best color any person can wear, Thomas Salzano remarks.

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Employment Tips For New Hairstylists: Thomas Salzano

Your hairstyling course is done, you got the certification, and you acquired the license too! What’s next, a warm wish for a bright future? Thomas Salzano welcomes all the fresh hairstylists to the real world. Let’s hear it from the man himself:

“I, too, was in the same many years ago. Right where you are today, I had everything I needed to start working, and then it struck me, between capability and credibility, the latter gets precedence.

My Post.jpg

So let me tell you something you’d have heard many times: start interning with popular names, rent a chair at a famous salon and start working, giving a part of the income to the salon as a commission, or start your own salon. The third option sounds amazing, right? The salon management classes you took in your college will only give you a glimpse of what’s coming. The real world is a different story altogether.

Now let me tell you something you need to hear. Starting a salon and getting customers immediately is not easy, but it is possible. You may not get many, but you will get some, talk to them, give them a good experience, make them want to come back, and gradually, you’ll see yourself set in motion.

Have swag, lots of swag, and yet, be gentle, be humble. And no matter how down you feel, suit up and show up. You chose this path; stand by your decision.”

Thomas Salzano writes off saying, “This is a tough profession, there will be hard times. You may be stressed, depressed, but you got to be well dressed.”

Thomas Salzano is a Newark, New Jersey based hairstylist and an avid traveler, photographer and blogger. Follow his blogs to know more about hair care tips, hair styling tips, traveling, and photography.

Also Visit: https://medium.com/@thomassalzano


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How to Make a “Perfect” Messy Topknot in 5 Easy Steps: Thomas Salzano

Thomas Salzano, a renowned hairstylist, believes the most undone look usually requires maximum effort and time. Most of you have experienced the morning struggle to get “I Woke up like this” messy bun. While some turn out to be tight as ballerina bun others tend to hang loose like a deflated bun. Here is a full proof way to nail to messy top-knot with minimum efforts.

Frank Dilullo(1).jpg

Step 1: Pull your hair into a loose ponytail. The position at where you tie the ponytail is where the topknot will be made, so make sure you adjust the position properly. Do not use a comb or a brush to make the ponytail; just go as effortless as you can.

Step 2: Depending on the volume of your hair, section your hair into 2-3 strands and tease them with a comb. Thomas Salzano quotes “Teasing is the game-changing factor of a messy bun. Make sure you tease your hair well for a messy look”.

Step 3: Now separate your hair into two sections and wrap the hair in opposite direction. Similar to what you would do in a normal bun.

Step 4: Instead of tucking them in neatly, secure the hair with a bobby pin an inch above the bottom of your hair strand. Leave the rest for the untidy look.

Step 5: Loosen the body of the bun with your finger or end of the comb to get the perfect look. Pull out a few strands of hair from the front of your hair to fall on the face.

Voila! The messy Topknot is ready. Mr. Thomas Salzano is a professional hairstylist who has an undying love for travelling, blogging and photography. Do check his blogs for more such amazing tips on hair care, traveling and photography.

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Manners and Etiquette of France: Thomas J Salzano

Traveling can be easily touted as Thomas J Salzano’s second love after hairstyling. Being an avid traveler, Salzano is a keen learner of different countries’ cultures, traditions, and their peculiar etiquette. He talks about various dos and don’ts while in France, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. And it’s not going to not include The Eiffel Tower:

Thomas J Salzano

  1. At any given day, if you are seeing someone for the first time, always begin your conversation with a greeting. Bonjour Madame/Monsieur should be your first set of words. The French love to greet each other; it’s a sign of respect.
  2. If you happen to drive a car in France and can’t resist the urge to honk and pass a slow-moving car, don’t get angry if the driver flips out or puffs his cheeks, throws his hands in the air and lets a loud “Oh la la la la la” out. You deserved it.
  3. If you are invited to a house party, always show up a minute or two late, 15 minutes’ delay being the best. Arriving early is disrespectful. And always carry a gift. It can be a bouquet, a good wine, a good wine or a pre-decided dessert. Yes, Thomas J Salzano said a good wine twice because the wine has to be good. Nothing’s worse than no gift unless it’s cheap wine. Cheap wine is the worse.
  4. Speaking of invitation, if you are in France on a business tour and didn’t get invited for dinner yet, it’s mostly because French likes to keep their personal and professional lives separate.

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Know more about traveling tips and tricks on Thomas J Salzano blogs. He is a professional hairstylist with an immense love for traveling, photography, and blogging.

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Thomas Salzano: Great Beard Guide

From goatee to stubble to a Bandholz, beards come in all shapes, lengths and sizes. Hairstylist Thomas Salzano talks about ways men can take care of their mane easily and effectively.


Maintaining a stubble or a 5 ‘o’ clock shadow is so easy, it takes a different level of stupid to screw this up, says Salzano. All you need is a good trimmer and set it on your preferred number. Set your trimmer on 4 or 5, and give it a smooth, consistent run in the direction of hair grain. That’s it.


A bit tricky, but not at all a rocket science, goatee looks good on its own as well as when teamed up with a mustache of one’s choice. Carefully create a neat outline of the goatee, and shave every other facial hair off. For a distinct look, team it up with long sideburns.

Medium Length Beard:

If you like your medium beard bushy, get it neatly shaped from a skilled beard master. Once done, you’ll simply need to keep the neckline clean. Keep your beard nourished with good quality beard oil. This will keep flyaways in control and give your beard a well defines shape.

Long Beards:

First off, start eating well if you want a long beard. Dry skin and long beard often result in itching. Use a good brush to keep your facial crown neat and tidy. If going for full blown wild mane, use natural oils to nourish your beard. Don’t mind flyaways and use your fingers to give it volume.

Thomas Salzano always insists on eating healthy. His idea of beauty is about health. Cosmetics can only make you look good to an extent. Ultimately, it’s all about how you treat your body. And hair are the mirror to your health.

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Thomas Salzano: Easier and Safe International Travel

Being a traveler Thomas Salzano collected many memories, he collected memories nationally as well as internationally. Thomas N Salzano also enjoyed many business trips that allow him to saw beautiful sites.

And he experiences some of the best memories are that we collect when traveling overseas. Travel to another country not only gives you a break from daily life but also give chance to see a new world that we do not think it excited. But when you travel to another country is also necessary to follow some tips that make your travel safe.


Older Post: https://thomassalzano.wordpress.com/2017/11/13/thomas-salzano-plan-a-trip-to-paris/


Must review your passport before 9 months to its expiration date. In case your passport gets stolen or lost that case you also have a copy of passport, so bring copies of your passport when going for travel. On store one electronic passport copy in your email. And must register with your embassy.

Do Your Homework

Before going on an international trip, study about the weather, popular destination, hotels, restaurants. If you do your homework then it will let you prepare in advance for certain fun and excitement. And for a relaxed trip read the blogs related to particular place, have a word with a travel agent because if you know about the place then it will help you in enjoying your trip.


We all know traveling abroad means dealing with different currency. If you look up the monetary conversion before you go will make your travel easy. The credit card you carrying, make sure it will work in the country you are visiting. For the money, conversion goes to bank or ATM in the country you are visiting.


Bring the charger and adapter with you because different countries have different size plus and voltage. And before going for travel check the voltage of your electronics and make sure you had activated the phone’s global capability. And you can also download the app which helps you in finding great deals in different countries. It will save your money as well as time.

Luggage & Packing

When you are packing a bag for traveling pack smartly and must pack an extra pair of clothes in your carry bag. And you are going to fly so, pack according to that check the weight of your bag according to airlines rules. And when you are packing your bag carry homemade snacks which will help you in saving money as well as from outside unhealthy food. Must pack necessary medicines in your bag because you do not know the country you are visiting allow to sell that medicine or not.

Above are the list of tips listed by Thomas Salzano is guaranteed to help you in your easier international travel.

Thomas Salzano | Thomas N Salzano | Thomas J Salzano WordPress Blog

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