“A fit body is always ready for all kinds of Challenges,” says Thomas Salzano the famous blogger and an experienced traveler. Thomas Salzano feels its important to be conscious about the diet you follow, especially when you are allergic to some food. Thomas Salzano felt the need to share some tips for dietary restrictions for travelers.

Here are some tips by Thomas Salzano:

  • Trip Planning: plan and restrict your destination with food availability in the area. This is especially for the vegetarians.
  • Food Allergy Translation Card: nowadays companies like allergy transaction and dietary cards are providing a pocket card which has detailed information about allergies you have in almost all languages plus you can customize it anytime.
  • Medical Insurance: it’s important to have insurance which covers your allergies and other medical issues even in foreign countries.
  • Peanuts and Planes: most people are allergic to peanuts so for them they need to be more careful when traveling by air. No airline can guarantee a peanut-free plane so be careful before eating anything in flight.
  • Cooking: go for accommodation which allows you to cook your own food or carry emergency food with you while traveling in a car, train or boat.

Thomas N Salzano feels that taking care of the above mentioned tips will reduce the chance of any allergy related issues while traveling.