Traveling has already been my favorite topic. I have published and curated many blog posts on traveling. Thomas N Salzano aka Thomas Salzano has written many blog posts on traveling. Here are the articles:

Thomas Salzano: Unheard Facts about Fairy Tales

Do you love to hear fairy tales? If yes, then you must be excited to know these fantastic facts about fairy tales that are collected by Thomas Salzano. Read more here:

Thomas N Salzano: Famous & Beautiful Travel Destinations in India

India is a beautiful country that is full of different natural beauties. From high & cool mountains to hot & privileged forts, you will find everything. If you are looking for a relaxing holidays this summer, go through the list of these famous destinations in India. Read more here:

Thomas J. Salzano: World’s Best Islands Shortlisted by Travel & Leisure

Just like every year, Travel and Leisure conducted a survey where website asked their audience to share their thoughts on famous cities, islands, spas, airlines and cruise etc. Here is a list of top Islands shortlisted by this famous travel website. Read more here:

Thomas Salzano – Explore Beautiful Cruise Destinations & Ports

Looking for a perfect Carnival Cruise? Imagining yourself in a ‘Party Boat’? If yes, then you must check this list of beautiful and happening cruise ports where you can go with family and enjoy. Read more here: