Do you love to hear fairy tales? If yes, then you must be excited to know these fantastic facts about fairy tales that are collected by Thomas Salzano:

thomas salzano fairy tales

1. The term ‘fairy tale’ or ‘conte de fée’ was coined by French writer Marie-Catherine d’Aulnoy in the late 17th century…

2. …but the opening words ‘Once upon a time’ has been dated back to Chaucer in the 14th century.

3. The Aarne Thompson Classification System lists the possible plots for fairy tales in a possible 2399 categories.

4. “The man marries the princess” is 850-869: while “The woman marries the prince” is 870-879.

5. Category 2044 is “Pulling Up the Turnip”.

6. In the Grimm brothers version of Snow White (1812), Snow White’s mother is forced to dance in red-hot iron shoes until she drops dead.

7. There was no fairy godmother in Grimm’s Cinderella. Instead her ballgown is supplied by small hazel tree watered with Cinderella’s tears.

8. Snow White’s dwarfs had no names until Disney came along. Among the names he rejected were Awful, Baldy, Dirty, Dumpy, Shifty and Scruffy.

9. Fairy tales were originally written as much for adults as children.

10. “Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale,” (Hans Christian Andersen).

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