Nowadays the COVID-19 pandemic is on its peak and the whole world is affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus, it seems everything stops our life totally changed due to this virus. Thomas N Salzano says as we know everything has its positive and negative impacts. If we see the positive side then we realize the air around us is very clear and animals are fearless they are moving on the roads it seems nature starts repairing by itself.

Thomas N Salzano

As we know due to this virus many countries have adopted lockdown procedures and every person wants to stay at home and want to follow the guidelines of their Governments. Due to the lockdown nature start to recover itself because there is no human interference. In this post, Mr. Salzano wants to share 4 positive impacts of Covid-19.

Effect on Plants:
Due to fresh air and water plants are growing better and providing us pure oxygen.

Improvement in River water Quality

Now a day’s there are no boats in the rivers and no interruption of human beings. River water has cleared up. It is a good sign of nature improvement.

Effect on Air Quality

Air is becoming very clear after the Covid-19 Pendamic which is good all of us now we can enjoy the fresh air. Before the start of this virus, air quality was toxic to breathe due to the dangerous gases.

Less Pollution

Now pollution is under control because there is lesser movement done by people due to lockdown.

In the end, Thomas Salzano wants to say all the positive impacts will disappear again if people start traveling by their cars, bikes instead of this we use a bicycle it is also good for our health.