There are many people who are still travelling by air during this global health crisis. In this post Thomas Salzano wants to share important tips for safe air. He say’s if you want to stay healthy during your air travel then you must have to follow these tips.

Thomas Salzano

Here are the tips

Aware of Corona Virus Status:
It is very important from health point of view, know the status of the corona virus outbreak of your final destination. Every country updated guideline on its website so read the advisories carefully before travelling.

Avoid Masks, If you are not sick
Nowadays we often see plenty of people in the airports wearing face masks. According to the CDC guidelines healthy people do not need to wear a face mask, but if you have symptoms of Covid-19 then you must have worn a face mask to prevent the spread of the disease to others.

Avoid Touching Your Mouth, Nose and Eyes
According to the experts corona virus survive on surfaces so avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes after touching the surfaces.

Clean Your space on an airplane

There are many other viruses and bacteria which can survive on objects for a long time corona virus is also one of it can also survive on the surface so wipe your personal space on an airplane.

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