Thomas Salzano : An Active Travel Blogger

Thomas Salzano an active travel blogger and a motivational speaker has inspired many people to start traveling. He is a frequent traveler and has a lot of knowledge about travel and tourism.

Thomas Salzano blogs are inspiring for the passionate traveler like him. He likes to share his experience and tips for travel to help others to plan and feel good about the thought to travel.

His love for traveling is what keeps him motivated to travel frequently and share his experience with the world.

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Thomas Salzano: Tips To Click Street Photographs

“A photographer can never stay away from his camera even on streets”, is what Thomas Salzano feels about photographers. He is a professional photographer himself and his love for photography is never-ending. Thomas Salzano has seen a photographer trying to click the picture on streets but feeling conscious to do so. He could not see the confidence in him so this brought him the idea to share some tips regarding photography on the street.

Thomas Salzano has the following tips to share with us:

  • Choose the correct lenses: the best lens is the wide-angle lens.
  • Try to get close to your subject:  getting closer will give you a clear and desired shot.
  • Do your camera settings beforehand: the camera should be in AV mode(aperture-priority mode) and then select F-stop (aperture) and IOS manually.
  • Take the shot by keeping the camera near your Hip: in street photography, you can’t always keep the camera near your eye so the second best option is to keep the camera near the hip.

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  • Carry your camera everywhere: a photographer can click a nice shot in just a second. If you are a street photographer never go out without your camera in active mode.
  • Prefer Pictures at night: the streets are beautiful at night, so never miss a shot at that time.
  • Don’t copy ideas: try to think outside the box to create creative shots. Copying the ideas of others will kill your creativity.

Thomas Salzano,says it okay to follow the listed tips but most important is to have fun while taking the shots. “If you enjoy your work, you will see the better result and high confidence in yourself”, says Thomas Salzano a professional street photographer.

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Thomas Salzano: Why and How to Create Your Own Travel Bucket List.

“Traveling should not just be about forced family trips but it should be about your interest and passion”, says Thomas Salzano, the famous travel blogger. Everyone has a bucket list once made in life for all the little things you wish to do.

Thomas N. Salzano suggests you must make a bucket list for traveling to your favorite or dream destinations. By doing so you will not only motivate yourself to work and save money, but also will develop a taste for traveling.

Thomas N Salzano

He says that this is how he, as a traveler Thomas John Salzano, has developed the taste to travel more. He created his own travel bucket list and every year added on a new destination. Traveling not only boosted his confidence but also enhanced his knowledge and experience.

Here’s what Thomas N Salzano has to share about his way of creating a Bucket list:

  • Pen down your favorite weather.
  • Search for destination similar to your taste.
  • Set a budget for every trip.
  • Ask for feedback from your friends about the latest place they visited.
  • Search online and explore travel blogs.
  • List down your 5 best destinations to visit and later keep editing them.

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Thomas N Salzano

Thomas N Salzano, being a traveler knows the struggle and confusion which one faces as a new traveler. So to make it easy for you he has shared his tips to start your journey as a traveler.

Visit to know more about him.

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Thomas Salzano: Photography with the New iPhone XR

“With the new technology, the style to capture a picture has also evolved,” says Thomas Salzano when he came across the new features of the iPhone XR. He is a technology freak and likes to know about the new technology especially when its related to Photography.

Thomas Salzano feels that for a photographer it is difficult to carry a  camera every time, so one needs to have a good phone with excellent picture quality to substitute the need of the camera for a short time.

Recently he has come across a new iPhone XR which shows attractive features of the camera and Thomas Salzano decided that this is a must share topic for the photographers. Here’s what he has to share:

  1. A picture with a blurred background is the new trend and this phone allows you to control the depth of the file to make the background as blur you want it to be.
  2. The new HRD feature is an add on to the quality of photos.
  3. Photos in low light are difficult to capture but the phone feature makes it possible to do so.
  4. Sharp action shorts can be easily clicked with this phone with more highlights and shadow details.

Thomas Salzano has these little tips for all the photographers who are planning to click pictures with the phone, especially with the new iPhone XR. He does not suggest to buy a new phone but just felt like sharing the information about the latest camera technology in phones.

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Thomas Salzano: Things To Consider Before Starting A Travel Blog

“I have gained a lot of appreciation, money, and fame from my travel blogs,” quotes Thomas Salzano, a traveler by passion and a travel blogger by choice. He urges young travelers to start their own travel blogs for a number of benefits. According to him, the top perk of starting a travel blog is to generate extra income and explore more places.

So, to help the ambitious new travelers, Thomas Salzano shares a list of things to consider before starting a travel blog. Here’s what he has to say:

  • Do the research to find a good free platform to publish your blogs.
  • To avoid your content to be stolen or copied, choose a reliable web host.
  • You have to dedicatedly work for an hour daily to write a blog.
  • Make sure you choose your traveling niche you want to write about. “However, you can experiment with other segments of traveling to surprise your readers,” suggests Thomas John Salzano.
  • Prepare a schedule to stay organized- when to write, what to write and when to publish.
  • Learn basic web writing skills before starting a travel blog and keep learning.
  • Once or twice a month, you can share a story about your travel experience to engage more readers
  • Use the photographs you have clicked while traveling to make the blog more attractive.

Thomas Salzano wishes good luck to the aspiring explorers and hopes that these tips will be helpful for them to start a travel blog.

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Thomas N Salzano: Tips To Start Your Career As A Conservation Photographer

“Environment is being polluted and natural habitat is being destroyed,” says Thomas Salzano, a renowned photographer, and an influencer.  He further adds that a snapshooter can contribute his/her part to save mother nature by taking pictures as a conservational photographer.

Thomas N salzano
To encourage emerging artists, Thomas N Salzano has shared a number of tips to help them use the power of photojournalism in the environment conversation activities.
Here’s what he has to say:

1. Shoot A Local Rarity

Research about an endangered location or animal in your area.
Find the creative ways to work on your subject matter.
Take pictures- it can be beauty shots, evocative shots or even the threats. Edit your project with best captions or quotes from environmentalists.
Connect with one of the conservation organizations to promote your work.

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2. Series Of Floral Portraits

Research about the distinct flower species in your area.
Capture images with impressive factoids.
Beautify your shots using Photoshop tools.
Contact any museum or botanist to promote your work.

For more information visit:

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Thomas Salzano: Tips To Capture Pictures From Your iPhone

“As a photographer, I can say that the iPhone is one of the best devices to click photographs,” says Thomas Salzano, a prominent name in the photography industry and an influencer. He further adds that you did not need to own a DSLR to be a photographer. So, to help iPhone owners, Thomas Salzano shares a list of tips and tricks that can help in improving your photography skills. Here’s what he has to say:

  • To avoid your camera shake, use the volume button to click pictures.
  • Always use the burst mode when capturing the action shots.
  • For high contrast shots, do not forget to on the HDR mode.

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  • While shooting at night, reduce the exposure in the camera app
  • You can use third-party photography applications and filters to experiment with new things.
  • In order to change your snap shooting hobby as a professional art, try using an additional lens.

Thomas Salzano also says that if you own an iPhone device (iPhone 6 and above models), learn the following simple tips and start capturing the moments.

Visit for more information.

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