Thomas Salzano: Great Beard Guide

From goatee to stubble to a Bandholz, beards come in all shapes, lengths and sizes. Hairstylist Thomas Salzano talks about ways men can take care of their mane easily and effectively.


Maintaining a stubble or a 5 ‘o’ clock shadow is so easy, it takes a different level of stupid to screw this up, says Salzano. All you need is a good trimmer and set it on your preferred number. Set your trimmer on 4 or 5, and give it a smooth, consistent run in the direction of hair grain. That’s it.


A bit tricky, but not at all a rocket science, goatee looks good on its own as well as when teamed up with a mustache of one’s choice. Carefully create a neat outline of the goatee, and shave every other facial hair off. For a distinct look, team it up with long sideburns.

Medium Length Beard:

If you like your medium beard bushy, get it neatly shaped from a skilled beard master. Once done, you’ll simply need to keep the neckline clean. Keep your beard nourished with good quality beard oil. This will keep flyaways in control and give your beard a well defines shape.

Long Beards:

First off, start eating well if you want a long beard. Dry skin and long beard often result in itching. Use a good brush to keep your facial crown neat and tidy. If going for full blown wild mane, use natural oils to nourish your beard. Don’t mind flyaways and use your fingers to give it volume.

Thomas Salzano always insists on eating healthy. His idea of beauty is about health. Cosmetics can only make you look good to an extent. Ultimately, it’s all about how you treat your body. And hair are the mirror to your health.

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Thomas Salzano: Easier and Safe International Travel

Being a traveler Thomas Salzano collected many memories, he collected memories nationally as well as internationally. Thomas N Salzano also enjoyed many business trips that allow him to saw beautiful sites.

And he experiences some of the best memories are that we collect when traveling overseas. Travel to another country not only gives you a break from daily life but also give chance to see a new world that we do not think it excited. But when you travel to another country is also necessary to follow some tips that make your travel safe.


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Must review your passport before 9 months to its expiration date. In case your passport gets stolen or lost that case you also have a copy of passport, so bring copies of your passport when going for travel. On store one electronic passport copy in your email. And must register with your embassy.

Do Your Homework

Before going on an international trip, study about the weather, popular destination, hotels, restaurants. If you do your homework then it will let you prepare in advance for certain fun and excitement. And for a relaxed trip read the blogs related to particular place, have a word with a travel agent because if you know about the place then it will help you in enjoying your trip.


We all know traveling abroad means dealing with different currency. If you look up the monetary conversion before you go will make your travel easy. The credit card you carrying, make sure it will work in the country you are visiting. For the money, conversion goes to bank or ATM in the country you are visiting.


Bring the charger and adapter with you because different countries have different size plus and voltage. And before going for travel check the voltage of your electronics and make sure you had activated the phone’s global capability. And you can also download the app which helps you in finding great deals in different countries. It will save your money as well as time.

Luggage & Packing

When you are packing a bag for traveling pack smartly and must pack an extra pair of clothes in your carry bag. And you are going to fly so, pack according to that check the weight of your bag according to airlines rules. And when you are packing your bag carry homemade snacks which will help you in saving money as well as from outside unhealthy food. Must pack necessary medicines in your bag because you do not know the country you are visiting allow to sell that medicine or not.

Above are the list of tips listed by Thomas Salzano is guaranteed to help you in your easier international travel.

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Blogger Thomas Salzano Shares Save Money on Travel

Want to travel cheaper, longer and better? This post “Save Money on Travel” shared by Thomas Salzano tell you how to stretch your dollar. Thomas Salzano is a professional travel blogger and travel lover lives in New Jersey.

Many times Thomas Salzano’s readers ask how to save money on travel. So, here he shares some ideas.

Many people like Thomas Salzano include travel on the high priority list. And some have money for travelling and some of them have less money. So if you make smart choices then you can also travel in less budget. Following are the points that will help you in saving money on travel:

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Free Days

When you are going to visit museum or tourist sites, firstly go to their websites and find when there will be a free entry of discount and then plan according to it.


Intract With Locals

If you talk with locals they advice you where to stay in less budget, where you get food at your pocket friendly price. And they also give you more information about a place.


Flight Booking

If you have the desire to visit the world and you have not enough money to travel then be flexible with flight dates and save money. Book flight on the date when you get discounts. And try to fly on midweek, Tuesday or Wednesday because on weekends the price are high.


Use Coupons

Find coupons and discounts for the place you are visiting. For this use, tourists booklets and brochures, websites etc. And also use credit card reward points.


More ideas that Thomas Slazano also follow when he traveled are, go for camping it saves you stay money, walk as must as you can so that you will experience the travel and saves transport money, eat street food but eat food away from tourist street and for shopping choose a cheap place.


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Thomas Salzano: Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine’s Day

Thomas Salzano is travel enthusiast who travels a lot. Thomas Salzano writes blogs that help his readers in traveling.

Valentine is a day when someone wants to tell his lover how much he or she means to them. This day is celebrated as a romantic celebration of ones you love most. So do you want to take romance a step further this valentine day? Then choose one of the following destination to celebrate:

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When you explore Miami with your partner then it made an event richer place. So for making a memorable valentine day, it is the good option.Love-Retro-Couple-Kissing-Marriage-Of-Love-1779066 (1).jpg

San Francisco

Here are the lot of things to do in this city. And this is the most romantic city for food lovers. Here you can find stunning views almost

Venice, Italy

It is at the top of the list of most romantic cities in the world. The whole city is built on water and offers the chance to enjoy each other company.venice-1602999_960_720.jpg

The Maldives

Most romantic destination to spend your days relaxing together or doing the adventure with your loved one. The Maldives is the best destination for those who love

Paris, France

Without Paris, no list of romantic destinations would be complete. This is the city of love, water the city hand in hand. Must visit Eifel

Must visit one new place this valentine and make your day more special and also make feel your lover special. Select one of the cities listed above by Thomas Salzano and enjoy your special day.


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Basics for a Healthy Life Tips by Thomas N Salzano


Thomas N Salzano leads a healthy, vegan lifestyle that supports his busy career as a travel blogger and a hair stylish specialist. Without his focus on health, he might not be able to keep up with his professional or personal responsibilities as well as he does.

Basics like these can help you begin living a healthy life like Thomas N Salzano today:

Click here to read more.

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Best Places to Celebrate New Year Eve 2018: Guide by Thomas Salzano

Places to Celebrate New Year Eve 2018-

  1. London

1 london.jpg

2.  New York City

2 newyork

3. Bangkok, Thailand

3 thailand.jpg

4. Hong Kong, China


5.  Sydney


6. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland


Here are the some travel locations suggested by Thomas Salzano to celebrate New Year Eve 2018

Pack your bags & pick up your destination’s to celebrate your eve.

Have a Blast Year Ahead!!

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Ideas For Write a Travel Blog by Thomas N Salzano

Thomas N Salzano is a professional travel blogger and he is also a travel lover. Thomas N Salzano blogs are informational and he knows that what his readers actually want.


According to Thomas, a good travel blog generates interest in people for travelling. It requires lots of work for writing a travel blog, it requires recording notes and observations, taking pics etc. Here are ideas for writing a travel blog:

  • Visit as much as locations you can, only so that you can teach your visitors about these locations.
  • Blog content must be eye catchy so that readers feel like they are at the place which is described in the blog post.
  • When you travel a particular place then write down all the impressions like, if you dining somewhere then note down the name of the restaurant.
  • While travelling tries to contact with locals and take their interview, so that you can add their opinions to the blog.
  • Try to write the description that helps readers to connect immediately with a place. Must take pictures that help people to see things with their own eye.

Thomas N Salzano believes, one of the important things all bloggers should do after posting blog always responds to readers comments because it is a good way to build the good relationship with readers.

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