Ideas For Write a Travel Blog by Thomas N Salzano

Thomas N Salzano is a professional travel blogger and he is also a travel lover. Thomas N Salzano blogs are informational and he knows that what his readers actually want.


According to Thomas, a good travel blog generates interest in people for travelling. It requires lots of work for writing a travel blog, it requires recording notes and observations, taking pics etc. Here are ideas for writing a travel blog:

  • Visit as much as locations you can, only so that you can teach your visitors about these locations.
  • Blog content must be eye catchy so that readers feel like they are at the place which is described in the blog post.
  • When you travel a particular place then write down all the impressions like, if you dining somewhere then note down the name of the restaurant.
  • While travelling tries to contact with locals and take their interview, so that you can add their opinions to the blog.
  • Try to write the description that helps readers to connect immediately with a place. Must take pictures that help people to see things with their own eye.

Thomas N Salzano believes, one of the important things all bloggers should do after posting blog always responds to readers comments because it is a good way to build the good relationship with readers.

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Amazing Easy Party Hairstyles for Long Hair by Thomas N Salzano

Amazing easy hairstyles by Thomas N Salzano & few tips to maintain long hair.


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Thomas Salzano: Things You Should Carry Must While Travelling

Make a quick list of essentials to carry while travelling.

Here is a list of ‘Must-Takes things’ by  Thomas Salzano  to help you when you are ‘on the go’.

  • Travel Documents – When traveling, important documents must not be forgotten to bring and pack in your bags

travel doc

  • Money Matters – You need to have some cash and ATM, debit or credit cards whenever you spend a vacation overseas or within the country.


  • Find Your Way – Always, always, always carry hotel info, directions and number (if you are pre-booked).
  • First Aid Needs– First Aid kit is necessary when you travelling with kids.


  • Playing it Away– while travelling just keep family board games & card games can be a good fun & do not make you boor.
  • Medicines


  • A journal, a pen and a bag of motivation


  • Sunny or Rainy – Be Prepared – It is also necessary to carry stuff that can protect you against the sun and the rain.


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Thomas Salzano: Why and How to Choose a Travel Destination

Want to travel more this year? But are you confused how to choose a travel destination or where you actually want to go?

Here are Thomas Salzano shares how you can choose the destination in a budget.

Determining Goals and Desires

First of all, determine answers to following questionsAtlantic_City_beach_and_skyline_July_30_2011.jpg

  • There you want to go city, beach?
  • Hot or cold weather?
  • Adventure or relaxation?
  • Solo or in a group?

When you think about above questions than finding destination became more easy for you.

Budget and Timemoney-1132279_960_720.png

After determining your desires find out your budget, figure out how much you want to spend on travel. Now figure out how much time you have to travel.

Thomas Salzano always reviews all his chisel before making a final decision. So it will also help you. And be open-minded and creative when choosing your destination.

Here’s are the Beautiful Locations in the World:


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Latest Hairstyle Ideas Trends by Thomas N Salzano

Have you been searching for a latest hairstyle Ideas? Maybe, you didn’t know who to turn for advice. Here are latest hairstyle ideas trends by hairstylish Thomas N Salzano.

So, what are you waiting for? Check these out!

Best Hairstyle Ideas by Thomas N Salzano-

  1. Princess Hairstyle – These hairstyle are avid hairstyle. Some of the featured hairstyles include variations of braids, buns, ponytails, twists, and curls.

Princess Hairstyle

2. Hair Romance Hairstyle – This hairstyle looks good with evening gowns.



3. Curly Hairstyle – This hairstyle favourite for all the girls. We can make this hairstyle with any of attire.


4. Fishtail Braid Hairstyle – This hairstyle gives you messy beautiful look with your casual outfit.


5. Hairstyle for Wavy Hair-

wavy hairstyle


Tip by Thomas N Salzano : Keeping your body healthy reflects on the health of your hair. If your lifestyle is not healthy, it will eventually reflect on your head. You will start to lose your hair and fulfill your genetic coding. To keep healthy, as a reminder, you need to eat in the proper fashion, exercise, and stay away from any kind of drugs.

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Thomas Salzano: Plan a Trip to Paris

Thomas Salzano is a travel writer and travel blogger. Thomas N Salzano specialises in travel destinations and his blogs cover places and events all around the world. And he always takes an active approach to travel.

Here in this post, he discussed the top tourist destination in the world, Paris. Paris is referred as “City of love” and “City of lights”.

Plan for your Trip
Firstly do planning for basics of your trip, decide when you want to go. Decide the date which you have to arrive. Try to arrive in Paris on Sunday or Monday. Select your airline and book your flight. Make sure you booked your hotel in advance. Try to book the room near a metro station.


Plan Your Journey
The must visit place in Paris is Eiffel Tower, book your visit there in advance and consider a pass to visit the museums. Find out all the activities available there and explore the architect, history museum, and sports facilities. Book your table for food in advance in Eiffel tower. And explore the picnic spots like Les Champs de Mars and Le Square de Vert Galant.


Prepare for Your Trip
Prepare all your documents, visa and passport. Use mainly credit card there for your food drinks, hotels etc bills. Purchase the map of Paris and prepare to get around Paris with metro. One of the important point in preparation makes smart preparation to protect your money.


According to Thomas Salzano apply for your passport at least 4 to 6 weeks before your trip if you do not have the passport.


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Thomas Salzano: Enjoy Holiday in Maldives

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