Thomas J Salzano: Accept Standing up for yourself Challenge.

Standing up for yourself is a challenging task. In daily life, people make dozens of little decision where either people hesitate to speak or speak up what they feel, think and observe. In day to day life, a majority of people try to avoid potential conflicts and please the people. But, doing this person trims them down in front of others. Standing up and be assertive is the way to grow, get self-confidence and respect from people. Yes, it is not an easy or overnight task. Taking a stand and be assertiveness is a long journey, whether this journey will start to take a single step.
Benefits of Standing up for yourself
• Help you communicate better
• Give you confidence
• Help you make decisions
• Increase other people’s respect for you
• Help you stay true to your beliefs and goals
• Teach people how to treat you
• Growth in personal and professional Life
• Better relationships


#1 Start with Small Steps

As Said above, it is not an easy journey, start taking small steps to stand up for yourself. Work on body language. Learn to walk with confidence – Head up, shoulder straight. apply it all area of your life. Positive body language helps you to garner respect, confidence, and trust. Firstly people judge from body language and then treat you as they will observe. Negative body language is an invitation to being pushed about. So work on a body language.

# 2 Learn how to say No

It might be difficult, but important for standing up your self. Try to express yourself honestly and openly. if you tend to be a “yes” person who never wants to let anyone down. you allow people to burn out yourself. Don’t say yes, if you do not agree. Half-hearted yes always become a cause of stress and exertion. Interestingly, the ability to say no is closely linked to self-confidence. People with low self-confidence and self-esteem often feel nervous about antagonizing others and tend to rate others’ needs more highly than their own. People may be taken aback at first, but they will learn to accept your new-found determination and may even come to respect it.

#3 Practice makes Perfect

For people feel shy, It is not common to start standing up for themselves. It needs practices. People can strengthen our assertive nature through repeated use. Best practice starts with small and everyday small matters. Speak up what do you feel free. Many people will disagree, still, don’t take a back step. Put your efforts and write down your feeling and speak up

#4 Stand up for your time.

Time is a precious and limited commodity, and yet we often feel pressured to give it away when we have the ability to say no. There are times when you might not have a choice, such as when your boss says a project has high priority. But don’t let obligations dictate how you spend the hours of your day. You are in control of your own time. Push back when it’s appropriate, or tactfully disengage from those people or situations that submerge your schedule.

#5 Train People To Treat You Right

We interact with many people in daily life. One way to stand up for yourself is to let people know how you want to be treated. means being aware of how your actions, words, and outward decisions appear to others.

Standing up for your self is imperative to build your individual personality. No matter how hard you try to increase your confidence, there will be days when you feel that you’re backsliding.

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How to Coordinate As a Team : Thomas N Salzano

Thomas N Salzano a well-known blogger, hair styling expert, and successful businessman shares valuable information regarding how can we coordinate each other as a team. Many people find together as a team because they are not able to coordinate each other well and not succeed collectively.


Here are a few tips shared by Thomas N Salzano to succeed as a team.

Know the vision and goals of the team

Know your Roles in the Team

Establish Great Communication with Each Other

Work on plans

Take advantage of each other strong points



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What Inspired Thomas N Salzano for Travel Blogging

Thomas Salzano is a very famous travel blogger and his blogs are read by a large number of audience. But Thomas Salzano did not aimed to be a blogger from childhood but developed as a hobby and took it seriously later on.

Here are a few reasons which inspired Thomas Salzano to be a travel blogger:-

1) Passion

Thomas Salzano always had the passion to of writing and participated in many writing competition from childhood.

2) Love to Travel

Thomas Salzano loves traveling to various places and visiting different people across the world.

3) Sharing Experience

When passion for writing and love for travel combined then together then he decided to do travel blogging to share his experience related to travel.

4) Express Yourself and help others

With blogging, Thomas Salzano could express himself and share thoughts. Many people always got great help from his guidance.

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Tips To Make Your Trip Valuable: Thomas Salzano

A 75% of people love to travel. Traveling is the best way to refresh, re-frame and kicks tart a new life. Whenever you want to take a break from day to day life and feel need to understand the real meaning of life, Go for traveling. Traveling has numerous benefits to enhance person personality and their level of thinking.  It sounds scary to go to unknown places and meet and stay stranger people, but it is the best experience of life and help to discover new people, their behavior and their life. Away from a hectic schedule and technology, you should take a break once in a year. But it doesn’t mean you just packed a bag and go out anywhere. Here are some tips for traveling.

blur-business-card-185933 (1)

#Decide the destination

Explore on the internet and asked from a travel consultant. According to your interest choose a place. There are myriad places where you can visit, need to evaluate your purpose and make your mind. Hilly area, advantage place, Forest view, trekking, climbing, Riverside, and scenery view are top listed traveling. First, make list and decide the place where do you love to go.

#Search about Place 

As a Well versed person, first, read and collect information about places and nearby places. Try to know more about their native people, what they do for a living, a language they spoke. if you love history, read also. It will enrich your travel experience, and help to connect with people. Must say it is smart to step toward safety.

# Packing:

To enjoy your traveling, well packing plays an indispensable role. Take a few things and necessary. take snacks, limited clothes, map, compass, lights, local cash, and phone number book. Make sure anything important/special to you gets packed in your hand luggage. Keep your ticket and hotel booking and other essential id Proof carefully.

# Visit before the time.

If you go with planning you will enjoy your trip. Reach at midday at a place, research hotel, and refresh yourself. Take rest for some time. Then in the evening, you have time to explore places and meet with local people.

#Explore by Foot

A great way of exploring is on foot.  By walking you can experience a unique perspective of local culture and people. Choose walk-able city instead of wandering in a car. By walking, you can make exploring and analyzing places the more valuable. You will get a chance to explore yourself and understand your mental strength, oh yes physical fitness also be part. Avoid awkward places.

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Tips To Achieve Goals : Thomas J Salzano

Thomas J Salzano is a highly successful businessman and popular travel blogger, hair stylist. Thomas J Salzano has achieved so much in his life in a very short time as looked to improve himself in his personal and professional life. Thomas N Salzano finds that it is difficult for people to achieve their goals even if they are talented, He Shares some important tips to achieve goals.


Here are few tips shared by Thomas J Salzano

Be Committed and dedicated toward goals

Keep The Track of your progress

Get Help

keep the eye on the target

Be consistent with your hard work

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How To Become a Good Leader :Thomas Salzano

Thomas Salzano is a well-known travel blogger, hair stylist, and a travel blogger. Thomas Salzano is a famous person and great knowledge about different aspects of life. Thomas Salzano believes that society needs a good leader and its important people should improve their leadership skills. Thomas Salzano himself being a excellent leader shares some important tips to become a good leader.


1) Always Manage your emotions
2) Look to improve your skills
3) Brave to be admit your mistake
4) Learn to spot talent
5) Enjoy the success with team.

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Blogging Tips for beginners in 2019 : Thomas Salzano

Becoming a blogger is a great decision for people with creative imagination and uncommon communication skills. Thomas N Salzano aka Thomas J Salzano aka Thomas Salzano , a remarkable blogger, and well-praised hairstylist talks, “Blogging is easy but building an amazing blog-audience is the extreme challenge.” So, to guide the newcomers, he has revealed the treasure of powerful blogging tips that will be helpful for beginners in 2019.


Here’s what he has to share:

Create Original And Unique Content: People love to read unique and creative thoughts and viewpoints. So, always write original content that is fresh and different. You must use online tools to identify plagiarism before publishing your blog.

Create a Reader-Friendly Blog: Delighted readers make a blogger a star or low-grade his work. To retain your readers don’t overuse complex and confusing vocabulary in your blogs. Attempt to keep your blog simple and grammatically correct.

Use Appealing Titles and Headlines: Create attractive blog title and headlines to win the audience interest. The more appealing the headings of your blog, the more readers it will engage. A successful blogger knows to cleverly use the fonts and formats for headings.

Make reading your habit: The rule is simple, ‘You can’t write if you don’t read.’ Always remember that books and blogs are best friends of a blogger. Make it your habit to read famous books and blogs by prominent authors and bloggers to improve your writing.

Promote Smartly: No matter how creative you write or how fresh your blog is, no one is going to read it if not promoted. Use social media and other paid/free blogging platforms to increase the number of your blog readers.

Final Thoughts,

The new year has brought new chances, ideas, and thoughts to pursue your passion. Thomas Salzano wishes luck and success to new bloggers. He ensures that the above-pointed blogging tips will help the beginners in 2019.


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