Good music is itself a healing therapy, if incorporated well can boost your morale and create a positive environment around you, says Thomas Salzano a renowned musician. Many of you feel that music is a distraction especially at work, but this is not true.

Let’s discuss some points shared by Thomas Salzano in support of music at work that helps to improve employee morale:

  1. Music improves concentration and speed at work.
  2. Music boosts your creativity at work and improves work performance
  3. It sets a good workplace environment and attitude
  4. Music is a great stress reliever
  5. Music also increases Motivation.
  6. Music helps in noise reduction by Ambient helps to concentrate and memory
  7. Music therapy addresses anxiety at work especially during the pandemic situation when the anxiety level is high

Other benefits of music:

  1. Music reduces boredom at work and brings back the energy to work
  2. Music can improve memory
  3. Helps in increasing physical endurance
  4. Relives symptoms of depression and improves mental health issues
  5. Improves insomnia

Type of music that will help you stay calm and stay focus at work:

  • Ambient Music
  • Pop Music
  • Dance Music
  • Classic Music

These are some top reasons why Thomas Salzano feels that music at work is a good step to keep the environment at work light and make the employees feel happy and energetic. Although it is true that not everyone will enjoy music at work, due to their work engagement. But you can always allow your employees to use earphones at work so that they do not disturb the other at work.