Our professional uniform is our pride, no matter what our age or profession is, says Thomas N Salzano, a professional chef and a popular food blogger. Thomas says it is very important for professionals to feel professional and comfortable in their uniform. Wearing the uniform in the correct way is important and so is maintaining the freshness of your uniform.

As a chef the uniform defines your designation and authority in your kitchen, which is why wearing the uniform correctly is extremely important. Here is a complete list of chef clothing shared by Thomas N Salzano that will help the aspiring chefs understand how to dress up professionally:

  1. The Toque: It is a kind of large white hat that you will see the chefs at formal events. In earlier times the Toque was a crown that the royal families used to give their chef. The crown then is now a part of the chef uniform today adding to the pride of the chefs.
  • The Jacket: The most important part of the jacket is its weight, color, and style that makes it look professional. 100 % cotton material white color but some companies use other colors like black for the jacket. It is a long-sleeved double-breasted jacket.
  • Apron: Apron is also an important part of the uniform, the color and style can be defined by the company. Usually, the apron has the logo of the company and the name of the chef written on the apron
  • Side Towel: The use of the towel is to grab hot pans, hot equipment, and dishes. Again the side towel is an important part of the uniform that you will find the professional chefs with, whenever they are in the kitchen.

  • The Pants: The pants should be durable, comfortable, and breathable. The design and style of the pants is generally decided by the company. Although there is no particular style defined for the pants.
  • Shoes: The shoes again do not have a particular style, but being comfortable and that complement the uniform is what defines the shoes best. 

The entire above-mentioned chef clothing is important for a professional chef to look. Whereas the design and brand can be totally defined by the company or restaurant you are working for. Thomas N Salzano says, as a professional chef the first thing you should focus on before you enter your workspace is your uniform as it adds to your personality and pride to be a part of the company/restaurant you are working for. 

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