Traveling hacks makes it easy to manage the situation when you are stuck especially when you forgot to pack some important stuff you need.

Travels like Thomas Salzano has come up with these traveling hacks based on their encounter with situations that they managed with a substitute method and listed it in the list of travel hacks.

Thomas Salzano — Travel Hacks Thomas Salzano — Travel Hacks

Thomas Salzano — Travel Hacks

Here are a few traveling hacks that will help you if you too are stuck in a similar situation:

● Wet shoes are always troubled to pack, so if you want to avoid your shoes from getting wet then you can use beeswax for your shoes.

● In case you don’t have a charger then you smartly make use of the USB input on the back of your hotel TV.

● For navigation download Google maps offline that will help you even when your internet is not working.

● Prefer ATMs to get the local currency

● In case there is not enough counter space in your hotel room you can use the ironing board as a counter.

● To increase your electronics battery life, you should keep the batteries in the fridge.

Thomas Salzano — Travel Hacks Thomas Salzano — Travel Hacks

These are some best and most needed hacks during travel shared by Thomas Salzano.

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