The happiness you feel when you achieve something that you have worked hard for, you call it a success. “For each one of us the meaning of success is different and so is the method to achieve it,” says Thomas N Salzano a famous creative writer and motivational speaker.

For example, at the age of 5 success for you will be to start walking without falling and without any support, at the age of 10 success for you will remember your address, at the age of 18 success for you will be to get your driving license, at the age of 24 success for you will be to start earning, at the age of 30 success for you will be to settle down and start your own family and so on.

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Success, on the other hand, has eight elements of success that you all should know so that it is easy for you to celebrate the small moments that are a success that you generally ignore:

● Inner Success

A positive mindset, internal peace, high-self respect, and a strong spiritual connection are the milestones that when achieved you achieve the inner success which is very important for each one of us.

● Physical Success

Health is wealth is a true statement. A person who is physically fit is already a successful person with high energy to perform better in life.

● Family Success

With a busy life schedule if you are able to take out some time for your family and there is happiness in your family as you are an equal contributor toward it then you have achieved the family success.

● Career Success

To be successful in life is what everyone wants and each one of us has a career plan that we wish to achieve. Getting the greatness in your profession brings a feeling of satisfaction on a job perfectly done.

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● Economic Success

Earning money is a goal set by all as in today’s world, money has become one of the biggest priorities of people. If you are able to take care of your needs and wants and still can save for fulfilling your desires than you are economically successful.

● Community Success

After the family, it’s your friends that matter to you. As a fact, we all love to socially connect with people and share our happiness and sorrows. If you have such a go-to person in your life than you have achieved community success.

● Adventure Success

We all crave for excitement and entertainment in life that is considered under adventure success. Meeting new people, visiting new places, trying new things is all that comes under adventure success.

● Impact Success

The craving for significance comes under impact success. When you wish to create an impact on the world or the ones around you and when you achieve doing so you have achieved impact success.

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Never restrict yourself from being happy and proud of the things that you have in your life. To be connected with everyone is a success in itself and if you are loved for what you are and the way you behave you are a successful person is what Thomas Salzano feels about success.

You need to change your thinking and the old school definition of success that counts success economically only. Thomas as a motivational speaker advises you all to consider all eight forms of success in life and work on achieving the ones you lack behind.

“Remember that success has many forms, be aware of all and be grateful that you were able to achieve it”