In the era of technology, humans are investing every penny for a lavishing lifestyle. A sensible life coach, Thomas N Salzano, says, “People are full of ideas to spend on materialistic things. Whereas, when it comes to investment in self, people often go blank”. He further explains that this is because many of us have forgotten our worth in the race of.

Thomas Salzano

The 45 years old motivational blogger writes that the biggest investment that will yield the highest profits of life is an investment on self. Self-investment is a simple investment that you will actually enjoy. But the challenge that most people face is that they are unaware of how to invest in themselves. Some misunderstand ‘self-investment’ as bank life insurance. But actually investing in yourself is totally different and has no concern with money.

Thomas shares some tips to invest in yourself that will be beneficial in long-run of life.

Here’s what he shares:


Believe or not, reading good books is one of the biggest investments in self. Books are your true friends who boost your creativity and fill your mind with numerous brilliant ideas. It takes you to the deep sea of knowledge. And technology has given you audio-books that you can listen to while doing other chores.

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Respect Your Talents

“Every person is blessed with a special talent. Only the strong ones are able to figure it out and polish themselves to use it in the right manner,” says Thomas Salzano. Therefore, if you are aware of your abilities, respect them. Try to improve your talents to emerge as the victorious.

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Laugh With Family and Friends

Spending time with your dear ones is also an investment in yourself. Your family and friends are always there to share your sorrows and double your joys. So, spend time with them and create memories. These memories will keep you in high-spirits and motivate you to reach the milestone of success.

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Find a Mentor

You cannot achieve success without a teacher/mentor. Finding a mentor for yourself will help you to avoid needless illusion. When you see around, you will find that the world is full of nice people who happily serve mankind with their knowledge and experiences. Their guidance can afford you the possibility to acquire new skills and techniques, plus it will contribute to living with precious inspiration.

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So these are amazing investments that you can infuse in your life to live happily and peacefully. Thomas hopes this blog will help people in every way and make this world a better place to live in.

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