“Say No to myths related to travel by reaching out to the correct information about travelling and health,” says Thomas Salzano a renowned travel influencer. Health is the major concern while traveling and you must be clear about the myths about traveling before you reach any conclusion.

The internet is full of information that also includes information that is not relevant, be sure that you follow the right person, influencer, article, website, research report or any other form of information available on the internet.

In the year 2020 where the world is terrified because of the coronavirus outbreak and traveling has become a major concern, the frequent change in rules and restrictions related to travel have made it difficult for the travellers to take any decision about traveling.

Here are some frequently asked questions not just by the travellers but by people especially by senior citizens that are worried about traveling and about their loved ones who are traveling back home:

What is the risk of getting COVID-19 on an airplane?

The important question related to travel is connected to COVID-19 these days. People are traveling back from different countries to their hometown but traveling by airplane is a major concern as most of the infected cases are reported by air. Although the risk of infection on an airplane is low, just try to avoid contact with sick passengers and wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 second. When you cannot wash your hands frequently use a sanitizer.

Remember that airplanes are regularly sanitized but there is no guarantee of the passengers that are infected until and unless they are scanned at the airport. So for your safety stay away from any person that you suspect shows any symptoms of COVID-19 that is fever, cough, sore throat, joint pain or fatigue.

Should I go on a cruise as airplanes are a bit risky due to the Coronavirus outbreak?

The COVID-19 as per the reports appears to spread more easily between people in close quarters aboard ships. It is advisable to avoid travelling by cruise especially for the older adults and people of any age with serious chronic medical conditions.

Will my regular health insurance cover me abroad?

The correct answer is No, not really. You need to be very careful while choosing a health insurance especially when you know that you have to travel very frequently. The regular insurance plan covers only partial or no coverage at all while you are traveling in another country.

Travelers like Thomas suggest each traveller to read the insurance documents carefully and be honest with your insurance company to get the right assistance and information related to the suitable travel insurance plan.

Which countries should I avoid traveling to due to the coronavirus outbreak?

If you ask about the countries then namely China, Japan, USA, Italy, Germany, Spain, India are in the top list of coronavirus infected countries. The WHO (World Health Organisation) has suggested that everyone should avoid traveling as most of the countries with the infected cases has reached phase 3 of the virus. That means the stage where the patients with no travel history to or from the infected countries have resulted positive for the virus.

So, the best advice here is to stay home as almost all the offices and work centres are shut down due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Does donating blood get infected by the coronavirus?

As per the statement released by the AABB, formerly the American Association of Blood Banks, no person is at risk of contracting COVID-19 through the blood donation process or via a blood transfusion since respiratory viruses are generally not known to be transmitted by donation or transfusion.

Is traveling by private cars safe in this risky situation of the COVID-19 outbreak?

The government has advice to stay away from crowded places and as an attempt to achieve this government has shut down all the crowded places including shopping malls, public travel like trains, metro and buses that has left the people with one option that is private cars.

Although the gathering of more than 6–8 people is marked as danger by the government, so it is advisable that if you travel by your own car be careful that you travel with less people, travel only if it is important, sanitize your car as metal is the home for the virus and yes wash your hands and avoid eating anything in the car.

Please note that maximum questions are related to coronavirus as it is very important for us to provide the right information at the right time to all of you. Don’t keep any doubt in our mind and act stupid, it’s better to ask question and reach out to help if you suspect any symptom or are in a situation that requires help.

Experts like Thomas Salzano are available 24*7 to answer your questions in a risky situation. Be safe and be careful is what we advise. Wash your hands and keep your hands away from your face as much as possible. Health and travel experts advise to avoid travelling these days, only if it is too urgent and cannot be postponed take the risk to travel.