Traveling is a great experience but at times you forget to pack some important items or maybe face some issues at the hotel where the travel hacks help you manage the situation.

Travelers like Thomas Salzano keep sharing tips and hacks related to travel based on their experience to help the other traveler manage the situation.

travel hacks_2020

The travel hacks listed by Thomas Salzano are:

  • Plan your tickets beforehand and avoid traveling during the tourist season if you want to save money as the prices are high during a tourist session. Travelers like Thomas who keep traveling strictly follow this hack.
  • Prefer installing apps as Google maps offline, currency converter and communication apps like WhatsApp and skype.
  • Many of you may know this but still, you can use the USB input on the back of your hotel TV in case you don’t have a charger. Whereas the other hotel hack is for the power switch, you can fix a piece of paper or a card in the power switch to turn on the lights and use the key freely.

travel hacks_2020

These are the best hacks that you should consider while traveling and for more such hacks you may read “13 Lucky Travel Hacks” shared by professional travelers.