Thomas Salzano is a travel-loving person he feels a unique excitement when he gets a chance to travel a new destination. He loves to spend time with nature. He also loves hiking and every month he planned a trip to get outside. He works as a travel advisor in New Jersey and helps the people who love travelling. In this post, Thomas Salzano wants to share useful tips for Beginner hikers.

Carry a Paper Map

Thomas Salzano

It is very important to know for beginner hikers that where they are, what is there exact location and where they are going. Always carry a paper map with you.

Use Quality Footwear

Thomas Salzano

Always use quality footwear when you start hiking.

Choose the right trail

Thomas Salzano

The selection of the right destination for hiking is very important because it is good for your fitness level.

Let someone know

Thomas Salzano

It is another great tip, which is important for you to save your life. Always tell someone where you are going hiking.

Always check the weather

Thomas Salzano

Always check the weather when you schedule your trip for hiking. You should pack your bag according to the weather conditions.

In the end, Popular Traveler Thomas Salzano wants to say that hiking is the best way to stay active in your life it gives you many positive vibes.