Thomas N Salzano: Learn 5 Unique Commands to Teach your Dog

As we know Good training is one of the best ways to build a perfect relationship between you and your Dog. In this blog post, Thomas N Salzano wants to introduce 5 unique ways to teach dog. It is very important to give proper training to your dog. This article will help you to learn unique tricks to train your dog. It will make you more comfortable when you walk with a well trained Dog.

Thomas says dogs are naturally intelligent and curious to learn new things.

Here are the best tricks to train your Dog.

Crawl Command:

Thomas N Salzano

Dogs feel more comfortable with this command. Hold a treat from some distance from his nose and encourage him to move his body. This Command makes your dog smarter.

Salute Command:

Thomas N Salzano

You can use this command when your dog is in a sitting position. Take a treat just above your dog eye’s when your dog raises his paw, then you say the salute command and give that treat to your dog. Repeat this command gradually you will see your dog has learned this command.

Walk Backward Command:

Thomas N Salzano

This is not a big thing. Every dog can move backwards naturally, but it makes him unique when your dog moves backwards on command.

Bring the Toy Back

Thomas N Salzano

When dogs do this they look more funny and cute. You can start it by sitting on the floor with your dog toys and then throw one of his toys across the room and then give a command to bring it back to you. Make sure you hold a treat in your hand if he drops the toy then hide the treat. Tell him again to do the same.

Find It Command:

Thomas N Salzano

You can start with an unturned cup put a treat inside the cup make sure your dog sees you when you do this ask him to find it when your dog finds the treat then encourage your dog.

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