Thomas N Salzano: How to Identify Your Dog Problems by their Behaviour & Moods

A dog is a very faithful animal and liked by everyone because of their friendly behaviour. But sometimes your dog may be in trouble and it’s your responsibility to identify his problems. Your dog’s actions tell you a lot about his behaviour. When you pay attention to the behaviour of your dog, then you can easily identify his problem and you will be able to help him.

Popular dog Trainer Thomas N Salzano says if you do a deep analysis about your dog behaviour then you can make a good connection between your dog and you. Your dog knows everything about you he also knows your behaviour that how you treat him.

Here are some signs which help you in identifying your Dog problem:

Biting Problem:

Thomas N Salzano

If your dog starts biting it means he is in trouble because dog starts biting due to fear, anxiety or aggression. When you identify the reason, then you can easily handle the things. You can also consider a professional dog trainer in this he will help you with this.

Smell in Breath:

Thomas N Salzano

If you notice a change in the smell of your dog’s breath, it means your dog is in the problem. It may concern with your dog health, he could have a kidney or liver problem. You have to immediately consult with a veterinarian or dog trainer, he will guide you.


Thomas N Salzano

It is a habit of dog they dig the ground to hide something. But when they start this inside it means your dog is in the problem. Some time you noticed your dog start scratching at the blankets, then you have to take help from a professional dog trainer like Thomas J Salzano.

Start Head Pressing:

Thomas N Salzano

When your dog starts pressing his head against the wall or other objects it is the sign of brain disease. You have to make an appointment with a veterinarian.


Thomas N Salzano

Well trained dogs never do this thing inside the home, but if he starts urinating inside the home then pay attention to your dog. This is the sign of serious disease like kidney infection or bladder problem. In this condition, you have to help your furry friend.

Sitting Between Your Legs:

Thomas N Salzano

When your dog does this, it means he is feeling uncomfortable and he need your help. A qualified dog trainer will help your dog.

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