A dog is the best friend of the human being from the years. There are so many people in the world who loves dogs. Even Children are very crazy for small puppies, It is proven in studies that those children who live with dogs have a stronger immune system and they stay happy  and feel caring for others.

In the case of adult dogs, they are more intelligent and caring. it all depends on how you trained your dog. In this post popular dog trainer Thomas N Salzano wants to share his experience about adult dogs. He says if you give proper training to your dog they become smarter and intelligent. On the other hand, untrained adult dogs are lazy in behavior.

Mr Salzano is going to share some tricks which will helps you to train your old dog.

Don’t Expect more from Older Dog

Thomas N Salzano

As we know older dogs are lazy, don’t expect things too early from them, teach them one by one  Step.

Choose a clear Goal for your Dog

Thomas N Salzano

Choose a clear goal for your dog with basic commands like Sit & Stay.

Reward Your Dog With a Treat or Toy

Thomas N Salzano

Reward your dog with a treat or toy for their good behavior.

Don’t Punish Your Dog

Thomas N Salzano

It is a bigger mistake some people give punishment to their dog don’t do this. Give training to them calmly. After a few weeks, you can see good results

Keep Training Session Shorts

Thomas N Salzano

Always go with small training sessions. Give a comfortable training to adult dogs.

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