Thomas Salzano is popular traveler and a famous travel blogger who is appreciated for his work and the simple tips he gives related to traveling. As a traveler, he feels the most tiring job is to travel through flights and the journey seems longer when you have to deal with a long-haul flight.

Thomas N Salzano

Thomas Salzano says we cannot ignore the fact that traveling through flights have made our journey easier and our travel experience better. There are a few things that we all should keep in mind before we book a flight ticket:

  • Reserve a Good seat especially when traveling with kids. Choose the front seat of the plane if you are traveling with kids and others can prefer 6A or any other seat as per their preference.
  • Prefer the most comfortable clothes and shoes that are comfortable to sleep, stretch and are relaxing.
  • Avoiding sitting all the time, move around a bit so that the blood circulation in the body is not affected.

Thomas Salzano

  • Rest is important so do take a nap in the flight and avoid using your phones and laptops.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and carry your own snacks because you can not totally rely on flight food.

These are some tips that you all should consider and plan before you book your tickets and pack your bags. A little discomfort can spoil your mood and make you feel tired so do take care of your little needs during such long- haul flights is what Thomas suggests to all.