Equipment is a very important part of every sport. According to Thomas Salzano, it is important for professionals as well as the first timers. Below is the list of equipment that you should get if you don’t have before this snowboarding season.

1. Goggles

Peter Salzano

While snowboarding clear visibility is a must that will help you get through the light or other weather conditions, therefore goggles are necessary. Get yourself goggles that are lightweight with glare protection.

2. Snowboard

Peter Salzano

Without a board, snowboarding is not possible. There are three different types of snowboards in the market alpine,freestyle and freeride that you can buy depending on your what type you want to try.

3. Snowboard helmet

Peter Salzano

In the opinion of Thomas J Salzano snowboard helmet is another important part of the head equipment gears. Select a helmet that is rigid and strong in material.

4. Gloves

Peter Salzano

While snowboarding hands are in the direct contact of the snow and it is cold all the time. Proper insulated and waterproof snowboard gloves are very important. Opt for multi padded and light weight gloves that are easy to wear.

5. Boots

Proper snowboarding boots is the primal requirement while snowboarding. Avoid the daily wear shoes and buy snowboarding boots that fits comfortably and correctly.

Peter Salzano

The above equipment listed by Thomas N Salzano are important to get ready for snowboarding this season.