Thomas J Salzano is a history scholar and is popularly known for his informative blogs and motivational skills. Thomas J Salzano feels its important to share information related to history with the young generation in a simple and fun language to attract them closer to their roots which are hidden in “History.”

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Let’s talk about the Bronze Age in this section of the article:

  • The Bronze age culture is started when humans started working with metals. The stone weapons and tools were replaced by metal weapons and tools.
  • The first part of the Bronze Age was called “Chalcolithic.” This period refers to the use of pure copper and stone tools.
  • Sumerians in the middle east are said to be the ones who started using bronze first. They are also known for the “cuneiform script” which is one of the earliest forms of writing.
  • Bronze age took China to another level of innovation as they made chariots, weapons, and vessels from bronze.

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  • Whereas the culture flourished in Greece as the Minoan civilization emerged during the bronze age period.
  • The end of the bronze age was around 1200 B.B.
  • The end of the bronze age ager birth to “iron age.”

These are some major points of Bronze age which Thomas thought of sharing with all of us. The Bronze Age was a period of innovation from stones to metal. There is a lot more that happened during this period but I hope the points above gave you clarity about how metal was used and the metal tools were invented.