“We all have something from our childhood which is very close to our heart,” says Thomas N Salzano a cycle lover and a traveler. Thomas loves to ride his cycle and is dedicated to his passion for cycling.

His journey as a cyclist took a pause when Thomas met with an accident and the injuries were severe. His doctor and friends suggested him to avoiding cycling and concentrate on his other career opportunities to get over his madness of riding around on his cycle.

Thomas Salzano is not just a cyclist and a photographer but a traveler and blogger too. He had great career options with him but his heart never allowed him to leave his cycle behind and move forward in his life with it.

His wife and his daughter stopped him from selling off his cycle and reminded him about him being their inspiration and strength sticking a note on his cycle. Thomas had tears in his eyes and made a promise to his family that he would never let go of his childhood companion and will recover soon.

Thomas Salzano says,” the note was not the motivation for me, but the note on my cycle was the reason behind the motivation.”