“I have been writing about photography since the initial days of my career,” says Thomas Salzano, a photography blogger, and famous shutterbug. The young artist has gained respect, fame, and appreciation not only for his amazing snap shooting skills but also for his blogs.

In addition, Thomas John Salzano believes that blogging about his picture-taking skills and experiences is a very essential part of a photographer’s life. So, he motivates aspiring artists to start their own photography blogs.

Here’s what he has shared about starting a photography blog:-

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  • Learn about writing for the web as it is different from writing offline.
  • Always try to include your work (photographs) in your blogs.
  • Use meaningful and engaging titles to attract readers.
  • Write about your motivations, your skills and reveal your capabilities.
  • You can write about your experience while shooting like a story-teller
  • Do not copy the content from other photographer’s blogs.
  • Keep visiting blogs of famous photography bloggers to learn different writing styles.
  • Keep posting unique, fresh and regular content.

These are some tips by Thomas N. Salzano that will help artists while starting their own photography blogs. The renowned shutterbug says “With blogging, I have improved both as a photographer and writer. You should start blogging today and see what enhancements it brings to your life.”

Visit https://thomasnsalzano.contently.com to know more about him.