“Follow the principles and they will lead you towards excellence in photography”, is what Thomas Salzano advices to all the aspiring and professional photographers. He, as a photography expert, has himself followed some principles for beautiful photography and is willing to share those principles with us.

Here is what Thomas Salzano wants to share:

  1. Ask yourself “why” this picture.
  2. Find your inspiration and focus on your way to work.
  3. Pay attention to the background of the photo.
  4. Emphasize the eyes of the object.
  5. Drawing adds to creativity. So learn to draw.

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  1. Learn impressionism techniques.
  2. Learn and use the latest technology.
  3. Make mistakes and create something new.

These are the eight principles that Thomas Salzano follows when clicking pictures. He feels that emotions make for a great photograph and one should always focus on it. Thomas Salzano says, “If a photographer captures the right emotion, he captures the perfect picture.”