“A photographer can never stay away from his camera even on streets”, is what Thomas Salzano feels about photographers. He is a professional photographer himself and his love for photography is never-ending. Thomas Salzano has seen a photographer trying to click the picture on streets but feeling conscious to do so. He could not see the confidence in him so this brought him the idea to share some tips regarding photography on the street.

Thomas Salzano has the following tips to share with us:

  • Choose the correct lenses: the best lens is the wide-angle lens.
  • Try to get close to your subject:  getting closer will give you a clear and desired shot.
  • Do your camera settings beforehand: the camera should be in AV mode(aperture-priority mode) and then select F-stop (aperture) and IOS manually.
  • Take the shot by keeping the camera near your Hip: in street photography, you can’t always keep the camera near your eye so the second best option is to keep the camera near the hip.

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  • Carry your camera everywhere: a photographer can click a nice shot in just a second. If you are a street photographer never go out without your camera in active mode.
  • Prefer Pictures at night: the streets are beautiful at night, so never miss a shot at that time.
  • Don’t copy ideas: try to think outside the box to create creative shots. Copying the ideas of others will kill your creativity.

Thomas Salzano,says it okay to follow the listed tips but most important is to have fun while taking the shots. “If you enjoy your work, you will see the better result and high confidence in yourself”, says Thomas Salzano a professional street photographer.