“Traveling should not just be about forced family trips but it should be about your interest and passion”, says Thomas Salzano, the famous travel blogger. Everyone has a bucket list once made in life for all the little things you wish to do.

Thomas N. Salzano suggests you must make a bucket list for traveling to your favorite or dream destinations. By doing so you will not only motivate yourself to work and save money, but also will develop a taste for traveling.

Thomas N Salzano

He says that this is how he, as a traveler Thomas John Salzano, has developed the taste to travel more. He created his own travel bucket list and every year added on a new destination. Traveling not only boosted his confidence but also enhanced his knowledge and experience.

Here’s what Thomas N Salzano has to share about his way of creating a Bucket list:

  • Pen down your favorite weather.
  • Search for destination similar to your taste.
  • Set a budget for every trip.
  • Ask for feedback from your friends about the latest place they visited.
  • Search online and explore travel blogs.
  • List down your 5 best destinations to visit and later keep editing them.

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Thomas N Salzano

Thomas N Salzano, being a traveler knows the struggle and confusion which one faces as a new traveler. So to make it easy for you he has shared his tips to start your journey as a traveler.

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