Thomas N Salzano aka Thomas J Salzano aka Thomas Salzano , a remarkable blogger, and well-praised hairstylist talks, “Blogging is easy but building an amazing blog-audience is the extreme challenge.” So, to guide the newcomers, he has revealed the treasure of powerful blogging tips that will be helpful for beginners in 2019.


Here’s what he has to share:

Create Original And Unique Content: People love to read unique and creative thoughts and viewpoints. So, always write original content that is fresh and different. You must use online tools to identify plagiarism before publishing your blog.

Create a Reader-Friendly Blog: Delighted readers make a blogger a star or low-grade his work. To retain your readers don’t overuse complex and confusing vocabulary in your blogs. Attempt to keep your blog simple and grammatically correct.

Use Appealing Titles and Headlines: Create attractive blog title and headlines to win the audience interest. The more appealing the headings of your blog, the more readers it will engage. A successful blogger knows to cleverly use the fonts and formats for headings.

Make reading your habit: The rule is simple, ‘You can’t write if you don’t read.’ Always remember that books and blogs are best friends of a blogger. Make it your habit to read famous books and blogs by prominent authors and bloggers to improve your writing.

Promote Smartly: No matter how creative you write or how fresh your blog is, no one is going to read it if not promoted. Use social media and other paid/free blogging platforms to increase the number of your blog readers.

Final Thoughts,

The new year has brought new chances, ideas, and thoughts to pursue your passion. Thomas Salzano wishes luck and success to new bloggers. He ensures that the above-pointed blogging tips will help the beginners in 2019.