In this imperfect world. Nobody is perfect, Everyone has flaws. A successful person commits numerous mistakes to be successful. Every person has some weakness. The person can’t be perfect everywhere. you want to be good at everything, it is the most frustrating thing which will directly effect on our growth. A wise person also has the weakness, he/she also know own failings, focus on them and improve them.

Every person has the ability to turn their weakness into the strength.
Find the way how the person can focus on his/her weak points.

Identify your strength and Weakness
The first task is to determine your imperfections and accept them. Most of us people don’t like to accept their weakness even they don’t think at that level. If person mindset clear what is our weak area, where we need to do work and focus. We will improve and give the right direction to our life.


Grow from your mistake
If you are trying to grow, you will commit a mistake. It is not an important person does wrong and failed in the task, but it’s necessarily how you reach and how you react and what action you will take?v Don’t be complacent work on your mistakes and don’t commit the same mistake again. Learn from your mistake an grow. at the next stage, you will meet your better version


Take the risk:

Taking the risk and beat the fear is the best combination to grow in the life.
Due to personal weakness, we get fear to take some decision. to the best way to transfer your fear into courage. take the risk and do hard work to get the goal. Sometimes we have just internal fear and that fear act as a hindrance to our growth. This stops us from even taking a chance or going the extra mile. What makes successful people different is their will to take a risk.


Plan and Improve.
Need to set a goal and create a concrete plan to get that goal. To be successful person planning is key to get the small to the long-term goal. In planning, we covered risk and failure and how to overcome them. Chances of success and failure all are part of the planning. Planning is the best way to beat the weakness and transform into strength.


Do some self-evaluation and come up with a few weakness you might have. Work on weakness and focus on traits to develop personally and professionally