Morning Walk or evening walk is one of the most effective ways to stay fit and healthy. A walk is a versatile form of exercise that helps to burn calories, reduce the weight and boost the stamina.
A perfect walk gives a better result and achieves target fitness goal.

Thomas N Salzano aka Thomas John Salzano aka Thomas J Salzano gives some tips to make your daily walk to power walk.

#Always Warm-up:

Before starting exercise and workout, everyone should do a warm-up. It helps to prepare a body for the intense workout. Prevent to a rapid increase blood flow and reduce the risk of any kinds of injury.

# Perfect Posture:

Perfect posture during a walk is the most important area to pay attention.
Poor or good posture both gives a huge impact to the whole body.
Straight out your back, tighten your stomach and a deep breath.
Keep your chin up and head high. Let your arms hang naturally at your sides to start. Now let them swing naturally to and fro as you walk with a slight bend in your elbows.

#Wear Comfortable Clothes and shoes:

Before starting a walking workout, need to choose comfortable clothes.
While choosing clothes, you should keep in mind the weather condition. Buy comfortable and flexible soles to move easy and comfortable. Special walking and running shoes provide full support to the foot. Choose high-tech fibers are preferable to cotton shocks. To avoid before you start walking. Our walking socks should be made of a sweat-wicking fabric.


Running and walking gives good results to make your body more fit and flexible. walk and water both go together. Your body sweats out while doing walk and feel dehydrated. According to Research, A body needs a cup of water after every 20 minutes. and drink as much your body needs. For running and a long walk flavored and simple water is the best drink.

Set a Goal: Use a Pedometer to track steps. When we set a goal it’s itself a motivation to achieve a goal. Vary your route after a particular time it gives more enthusiasm and inspiration. Make your walk more enjoyable after make your song collects and play.

Thomas Salzano hopes your walk coverts into passionate power walk by using above mentions tips.

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