Thomas N Salzano is a professional travel blogger and he is also a travel lover. Thomas N Salzano aka Thomas John Salzano aka Thomas J Salzano blogs are informational and he knows that what his readers actually want.


According to Thomas N Salzano aka Thomas John Salzano aka Thomas J Salzano, a good travel blog generates interest in people for travelling. It requires lots of work for writing a travel blog, it requires recording notes and observations, taking pics etc. Here are ideas for writing a travel blog:

  • Visit as much as locations you can, only so that you can teach your visitors about these locations.
  • Blog content must be eye catchy so that readers feel like they are at the place which is described in the blog post.
  • When you travel a particular place then write down all the impressions like, if you dining somewhere then note down the name of the restaurant.
  • While travelling tries to contact with locals and take their interview, so that you can add their opinions to the blog.
  • Try to write the description that helps readers to connect immediately with a place. Must take pictures that help people to see things with their own eye.

Thomas N Salzano believes, one of the important things all bloggers should do after posting blog always responds to readers comments because it is a good way to build the good relationship with readers.