Make a quick list of essentials to carry while travelling.

Here is a list of ‘Must-Takes things’ by  Thomas Salzano  to help you when you are ‘on the go’.

  • Travel Documents – When traveling, important documents must not be forgotten to bring and pack in your bags

travel doc

  • Money Matters – You need to have some cash and ATM, debit or credit cards whenever you spend a vacation overseas or within the country.


  • Find Your Way – Always, always, always carry hotel info, directions and number (if you are pre-booked).
  • First Aid Needs– First Aid kit is necessary when you travelling with kids.


  • Playing it Away– while travelling just keep family board games & card games can be a good fun & do not make you boor.
  • Medicines


  • A journal, a pen and a bag of motivation


  • Sunny or Rainy – Be Prepared – It is also necessary to carry stuff that can protect you against the sun and the rain.


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