So a guest arrives at a get-together.

An invitee, he is having a slow conversation with other guests.But lo and behold, suddenly he is swept along and made a co-MC – the co-driver of the evening’s proceedings!

He turns into an active catalyst shaping the overall experience of the occasion.

Impromptu, unpredictable, and definitely exciting, this participatory engagement seemingly on the spur infuses dynamism, which otherwise would have been hard to achieve.

Unique? A stand-apart experience? A participatory approach holds tremendous power to build cohesion in a group.

Here are more ways to liven up that special occasion you have been planning for a while now:

  • What’s in a quiz ? Individuals, groups, or teams – this fun-filled activity can be really tuned in to your needs. With competition in the air, there’s a lot of improvising that can be done. Commonly found information, anecdotes, facts, history, science, and geography…

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