What Is The Impact Of Winter On Hair?

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Most of the patients visiting the Avenues clinic for Hair Treatment In Ahmedabad generally ask regarding protecting the hair during the winter season. Actually, weather can also be responsible for several hair problems. Sometimes you may find your hair healthy in a season and the other may be damaging for the hair.

Wind, humidity, heat, sunshine can affect the health of your hair. The season of winters can be harsh on the hair. Because of the cold wind, humid environment and constantly changing temperatures, your hair may be lifeless, dull with split ends. Your hair may suddenly get static due to the cold, dry air and changing temperatures.

When it is warm and humid outside, your hair can absorb the moisture from the atmosphere but the air is dry in winter to make your hair dry and lifeless. Moreover, your hair may pass the moisture to the dry air. Theseā€¦

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