Rome Cabs Booking

Looking for options to get from Ciampino Airport to Rome? No need to take stress as there are lots of ways to get Airport Transfers Rome.

Train: You can find a train station at Ciampino. As it is not located right at the airport, so you have to take COTRAL or SCHIAFFINI buses from the airport. You can get them after every 30 minutes at the cost of €1. The station is just 5 minutes away from there by bus. This is one of the cheapest ways, but if you luggage, then maybe you should look for other option.

Bus: Different buses like ATRAL, COTRAL, SIT, etc. run directly from the Ciampino airport into Rome. Prices of half an hour ride of the bus are €5 each. After exiting the baggage claim at Ciampino, you can see kiosks marketing in front of you. You can ask them about…

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