Garden Tales #1: Garden And The Sun

Back To The Routes

People often lose some invaluable things in life as they move ahead in life, and so did India. In its quest for fast urbanization and modernity, it lost something which was very implicitly an intangible part of the Indian lifestyle- the Bageecha. Or the Garden.

In earlier times, houses in towns and cities were larger, and were often bungalows surrounded by front lawns and vegetable gardens at the back. And these gardens were bristling with life. Not life as we humans know it, but a quieter, more incipient life which one may not see, but can certainly feel it. The trees, the grass, the plants. The birds, the squirrels, the butterflies. It was a little bit magic- invisible to those who question, visible to those who believe.

beetle Beetle Walking Along A Leaf

The garden was magical in the sense that you would not notice it unless it suddenly played…

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