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Routine, routine…what can I say about routine? Some say it’s boring but others argue that it “brings pleasure and a sense of safety”. Well you decide!

My routine is a bit of both, that is, boring and exciting. A sequence of repeated actions almost everyday, for example, a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, staring at blank screen during the day (amongst other things) till I give up and go for walk.

My walking routine is always exciting and full of possibilities. I come back after a walk inspired and finally able to write something on the blank screen, sometimes it’s just nonsense and other times I pat myself on the back.

The neighbourhood The neighbourhood

Winter has finally set in up here, with double digits at sub-zero. My walking routine stands regardless of the season, and this is what I found yesterday. A pensioner on his daily routine

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About Thomas N Salzano

Thomas N Salzano loves traveling to various places in vacations, Photography, planting trees and many more. Thomas J. Salzano loves to do new and creative things.
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