Top Travel Articles and News this Week!!

As traveling is always been a best time for those who loves exploring new places. Check these latest articles and travel news for this week:

Travel & Leisure Shares about Best Christmas Markets in Europe

best christmas

Christmas markets are arguably one of the best parts about traveling to Europe in December. There’s some sort of magic in the mulling spices of Munich’s hot glühwein or the rum of Prague’s vosí hnízda cookies. Read more here

USAToday shares Top 20 Museums in the USA

top 20 museums

For travelers, the best thing about reader review sites is how they surface the collective wisdom of the crowd, vs. the subjective opinion of a single author. Read full post here

CNN shares 11 Luxury Homes to Rent for your Next Trip

luxury homes

You’re sitting at home, glass of Henri Jayer Echezeaux Grand Cru in hand, scrolling through Airbnb listings in pursuit of the perfect home to rent for your next trip to the Mediterranean.

“No, no, no!” you scream at the screen in frustration, knuckles turning white as you grip the stem of your Chateau Baccarat glass. Read full post here

USNews shares Best CruiseLines in the Mediterranean 2016

best cruiselikes

Whether you’re exploring the vibrant streets of Barcelona, Spain, delighting in the rich cuisine of Naples, Italy, or immersing yourself in Istanbul’s historic sites, the Mediterranean region offers the potential for unlimited adventures. Read full post here

On Forbes: How to Spend New Year’s Eve in Every Time Zone


As New Year’s Eve approaches, TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals makes it possible for you to experience the clock striking 12 in nearly every time zone sharing the ultimate places on earth, by time zone, to ring in the New Year. The list below breaks down some of the best luxury places on earth to celebrate the start to 2016. Read more


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