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Travelling, for me, is the best way to oust the stress. An Odyssey to your favourite destination is always fun and so full of sweet memories. Well! I love travelling and who doesn’t? Experiencing the varied culture, authentic and sumptuous food, the weather, the scenic beauty, everything makes me so much fall in love with nature again and again. And these small vacations make a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Well! It would be unfair to list out only 5 top destinations, because I have a long list of them some or rather many of which is in my wish list.

Having said that, when we talk about travelling we have a long list of to-do and even longer list of budget hotels, advance reservations, making of list of places to visit etc, and most importantly, everything has to fit into our budget which is a very difficult task. Ostensibly, the preparation for a small or long vacation used to start a month before for me earlier. But with lot of options online suiting our budget, life has become easy. One such site is, where you get the best deals on travels, and other stuff too like flipkart, Amazon and other top e-commerce sites.and so shopping can be fun without hitting too much on our budget. I had a great experience booking online, whether rooms, or flights. They have a glut of offers available here for frequent travellers or first time travellers, or occasional travellers like me.

Ever since, I came to know about 27coupons, I have become a frequent shopper and always login to flipkart or amazons to check for the best deals.

Now, coming back to the topic, let me list out my top 5 travel destinations in India (Never been to places outside):

  1. Coorg: Having stayed in Bangalore for almost 6 years, Coorg is my favorite weekend getaway. It is also called the Scotland of India.With its weather all time pleasant and the beautiful coffee plantations all around, this is a place which has alluring greenery all around making it pleasant place to stay at round the year. And the home stays again makes us feel at home away from our home. So all in all this place stands number one in my list for obvious reasons and after visiting it some 5 times already, I still never get bored with it.
  2. Dhuandhar/ Bhedaghat: Born in the heart of the state of Madhya Pradesh, Bhedaghat is the place we have grown up watching.there is a huge waterfall flowing from the marble rocks and every rock there is pure marble and so Jabalpur is called the marble city. And I have fond memories attached to it. Not everyone knows about this place, but it is an aesthetic tourist spot. And so, it stands a special place in my heart and even now, whenever I visit my hometown, Jabalpur, I make sure I visit this place. Its beauty makes me fall in love with it every time I visit there.Image result for bhedaghat
  3. Munnar/Kerela: Now who doesn’t love the God’s own city, Kerela? The lush green coconut plantations, the backwaters, the beaches, it has everything to offer. And the local cuisine has a delectable taste and it showcases the culture and heritage of the state in its own way.Image result for Munnar
  4. Pachmarhi: Another hill station located in Madhya Pradesh is Pachmarhi. This being a hill station has a history attached to it. It has a rich heritage and beautiful weather with scenic view. One can’t take their eyes off the beauty of this place. At the same time, we get to know the story behind every temple here. So a place which gives you a knowledge of our Indian culture, and offers you a pleasant stay.Image result for pachmarhi
  5. Shimla: Well! I haven’t visited this place yet, but this is the first destination in my wish list. Chilly weather, beautiful ghat roads, beautiful places to visit, this could definitely be my dream destination in India. And it is for sure. I am just waiting to experience this awesome place.Image result for shimla

So, as mentioned earlier, my list is endless and there are many many places in wish list. Some has centuries back history attached, while some is just for fun. But all this could be possible with

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