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We felt the first bite of the coming winter two nights ago, temperatures dropped and a heavy fall of thick snow gave us a brief glimpse of the colder months to come. I always loved the snow, I’m yet to be turned sour by the inconvenience of driving on ice and snow so my inner child still ignites when that tell-tale speck of white starts to fall.

I grabbed my little x100 and a speed light to take some quick fantasy style shots of the snow in the middle of night, it was obviously cold outside so I didn’t venture too far at midnight…our garden was enough. The following morning I took some more shots in the nearby fields to capture the weather in a different light and to simply enjoy what brief snow we had before it melted away again…

Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-1Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-2Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-3Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-4Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-5Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-6Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-7Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-8Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-9Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-10Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-11Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-12Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-13Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-14Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-15Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-16Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-17Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-18Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-19Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-20Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-21Westmidlands Snowfall 2015-22

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