Camping is itself a very unique and most adventurous travel according to me. There are different types of camping you can enjoy.


Check this post by Thomas Salzano to find different camping variations:

Front Country Camping

Front Country Camping is what most of the people prefers. It includes designated campgrounds that are easily accessible by road. This type of camping includes outhouses, fireplaces and tenting areas. One can easily find camping locations for this type by searching desired location on internet.

Established Backcountry Camping

Backcountry camping as the name suggests, provides more closer look to the environment. This type of camping can be explored in National and State parks and especially those locations where you can feel nature closely.

One can get better idea with a map to explore such type of sites that comes under backcountry camping.

Impacted Area Camping

An impacted area camping is the location which is not particularly designed for camping but due to continuous use of it by campaigners makes it clear to use it. Such locations can easily identified by a fire ring or any other similar indication.

Pristine Area Camping

This type of camping is done when there is no other option left to stay for camping. Such type of camping requires experienced camping skills. It results in the formation of impacted area camping if special measures are not taken.