Thomas Salzano – Interesting & Crazy Facts about Egypt

Egypt is known for pyramids and its ancient civilization.


Following are the interesting facts one should know about Egypt:


1) Egypt people believe that makeup can heal them.

2) Children did not wear clothes until they are teenagers.

3) Pharaohs always wear a headdress called nemes to keep their hairs hidden.

4) Rich Egyptians wore wigs.

5) Poor Egyptians wore pigtails or just had long hairs.

6) Graffiti discovered at the excavation sites has shown that some of the teams who built the pyramids actually gave themselves names like the “Friends of Khufu”

7) During mummification, the brain was pulled out through the nostrils

8) Every other organ was also removed and placed in a jar

9) The only organ left in the body was the heart because it was believed to contain the soul

10) The world’s oldest dress was found in Egypt and is estimated to be 5,000 years old.

11) Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt was actually Greek.


About Thomas N Salzano

Thomas N Salzano loves traveling to various places in vacations, Photography, planting trees and many more. Thomas J. Salzano loves to do new and creative things.
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