World’s Craziest & Scariest Water Slides

When it comes to adventure, it means unique, exciting and unusual experience. To experience adventure, a person should be mentally strong and is able to take risks.

Adventure can be in anything, here I am going to share most scariest and unusual water slides in the world.

A Slide to Sea in Sicily, Italy

Eleven slides form Sicily’s most scenic water attraction, which runs down a cliff on the northwest coast of the island. On a sun-drenched summer day, the turquoise slide, which is open to guests of the resort, complements the clear-blue waters of the Gulf of Castellammare — the end point of Toboggan.

 thomas n salzano - sicily water slide

King Cobra Slide

The king cobra is the world’s longest venomous snake, so it makes sense that this eponymous ride, which opens in mid-July 2012, promises to be one of the craziest theme-park attractions.

king cobra water slide

3) Wild Vortex

This water-park resort has indoor rides—with a giant glass roof—that keep the thrills coming all year long. But adrenaline junkies will want to head outdoors for the newest challenge: the 66-foot-tall Wild Vortex, which debuted in June 2012.

wild vortex

Behemoth Bowl

Seated face-to-face on four-person rafts, riders reach speeds of 32 feet per second as they plummet down a 262-foot-long translucent tunnel and into a 60-foot-wide bowl (the world’s largest).

Behemoth Bowl

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