Movies are one of the best way to look any place beautifully. You can watch beautiful locations and places that can inspire you to travel at the same place. Here is a list of movies collected by Thomas Salzano that may encourage you for travel:

Under the Tuscan Sun: The movie was based on a recently divorced writer who bought a villa in Tuscany, Italy.


The Motorcycle Diaries: This movie can be truly  influencing for those who loves riding bikes and explore different locations. The Motorcycle Diaries is a movie is based on two friends who ride bike from South America and the troubles they faced during their journey.


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: The movie is based on two bank robbers who went to Bolivia to escape themselves from law.


Kings of Summer:


Thelma & Louise:

The movie is based on two girlfriends who decide to make an adventurous trip in a classic 66 Thunderbird.


Into the Wild:

The story is based on a student and athlete who gives up his everything and go to Alaska to try wilderness .