While travelling, there are many important things that need to keep with yourself. Thomas Salzano has prepared a checklist of such things that make you travel with ease and comfort:

Keeping your Important Details Safe & Secure:

Scan your passport, tickets and other important and attach them with your email so that in case you lost them, you have copy to show.

Keep your Credit/Debit/Cash at different places:

Do not keep anything related to cash at one place. Split them to different areas in your luggage where you can easily find.

Keep Less Jewelry with you:

Avoid keeping more jewelry and precious thing while travelling. There are more chances of losing such things.

Backpacking Tips:

While packing your luggage, keep lighter things first and then put heavier ones. You will feel lighter this way.

Keep everything in separate plastic bags:

Keep your every item in separate plastic bags in your bag. This will help you easily find the thing which you are looking for without messing up bag.

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