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The dainty yet highly imperial Linderhof Palace. Don’t let the size fool you, this is a magnificent structure situated not far from the made-famous-by-Disney Neuschwanstein Castle. Others may know that one as the Sleeping Beauty castle they see on every Disney movie screen with Tinkerbell glittering across the top of it as pixie dust trails behind her. This may not be that one, but it was equally luxurious. Inside the palace were small rooms filled to the brim with gold trim, lapis walls and chandeliers made of pastel porcelain flowers dripping from each ceiling. I walked around in awe of the unexpected elegance and lavishness of this palace. It was created by the mysterious King Ludwig, last person to rule in Germany as a monarchy- More on his odd yet interesting story later. The view from Linderhof can be seen below.


The vibrant green practically leaped off the ground as…

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